Following are some unedited comments volunteered by people who have responded to my survey. I've included the gender, age, noise source and whether the noise exposure is from work or leisure or both.

Male, 32: heavy machine operator (work)
i belive this sound is 114db or grater. i am exposed to this for 12hr a day when i am at work. 3 days work 2days off 2days work 3 days off so on and so forth.

Male, 49: power tool user and motorcyclist (leisure)
Most people thin of motorcycles as being loud because of the exhaust noise. I ride a BMW which has very quiet exhaust. The noise comes from wind turbulence within and around the helmet. I now always wear ear plugs while riding, I wish I always did.

Female, 23: street noise, music and headphones (work and leisure)
I don't like the sound itself, doesn't make me feel physically bad.

Female, 69: street noise, music (work and leisure)
stressful,annoying. Radio at work sometimes is played too loudly and makes it difficult to deal with questions of the visiters. Snoring by husband sometimes prevents my ability to sleep.

Female, 23: street noise, music (work and leisure)
Ambulances/firetrucks passing by my apartment lead to anxiety/annoyance for the moment

Female, 78: street noise (work and leisure)
I have had a generally quiet life and probably the only noise I have found objectional is street noise such as motor bikes or road drillers. I spend little time around those items however.

Female, 26: headphones (leisure)
it pretty much depends on my emotional/psychological status each time...

Male, 26: music and power tools (leisure and work)
I do like my music kind of loud, but not so loud I can't hear the words, nor so loud that it hurts my ears. Also my work can get loud, though it is only in one room, and I'm not ussually in that room for long periods of time all at once.

Female, 23: music (leisure)
I figure that if a person constantly is in the presence of loud sounds, they will have ear damage. If a person is only around loud sounds every once in awhile, then it should not make such a big difference. But I guess it just depends on the person.......I guess I need to pay more attention to this. Thanks

Female, 51: music (leisure)
I get to choose the loud sounds in my environment; if not, I wouldn't feeling positively.
It would be interesting to see the results of the survey. Thank you.

Female, 52: music (leisure)
"Loud" seems relative. Years ago loud meant a different volume level than today for me. Rock concerts were loud then. Increased volume on a CD is loud today!

Male, 54: music (work)
I use an SPL meter while working and when levels exceed 92db A slow I wear earplugs

Female, 19: street noise (work)
im an emt so the loud sound would be the sirens and street traffic

Male, 33: music (leisure)
Imagine the world, your mind, and the minds of ten thousand others coming together at once

Male, 59: music (work and leisure)
I feel great if it's good music, played through a super sound system, at a reasonable volume. I am very interested in hearing protection for live entertainment audiences.
I have lots of experience and would like to know what you're learning.

Male, 18: music, street noise, heavy machinery (work and leisure)
Listening to loud music helps to drown out the loud noise attributed to construction around here. Everything should be done in moderation; loud music included.

Female 17: music, headphones (leisure)
It gets me pumped for my game!!!:)

Female, 26: music, street noise, heavy machinery (leisure)
I don't enjoy the sensation of loud music in my ears, but I do enjoy the sounds themselves
As a musician who loves to attend concerts, I very much wish that most concerts in small venues would have better sound. I resent the fact that I always have to wear earplugs when I want to enjoy live music. When sound is mixed better at a soundboard, there is no need for it to be THAT loud other than the fact that it people are used to it that way - they think that it is the only way to hear "rock music." In the past, when I was in a band that played live, it was nearly impossible to convince the soundboard person that we *didn't* want the guitars and drum turned up as high as possible. People talk more quietly at quiet shows, and they sound just as good if the sound is mixed well and all instruments are audible. While it is true that that it being completely surrounded by loud music can be is an amazingly powerful experience, it's just not good for people's ears, and often seems to lead to compromises in sound quality.

Female, 44: music (leisure)
I have been a church pianist for 15 years, playing for a praise band, I sit very close to a speaker. This is only the 2nd day I have ever heard roaring in my ears. Yesterday it happened once. Today it has happened 10 to 15 times.

Male, 64: heavy machinery (work)
My Younger Years 1963-1978 Work in Underground Mining. My Younger years it was part of the Job, but did not worry me or my hearing I am 64 years of age and until approx a year ago I had never have had a problem with my ears. When this high pitched noise started I never gave it a though thinking it would go away, but for approximately one (1) year now it is with me all the time. I feel it has not effected my hearing of other sound such as conversation etc due to when I watch a movie the the high pitched sound never worries me as I hear the voice in the movie very plain. The constant noise becomes very stressfull after this period of time. Will this noise ever stop or can I do something to get rid of it ???? Please Reply as I need help before it send me crazy.
NOTE to readers from Ann Dix: This person did not send contact information. I hope he found some useful links after sending the survey.

Male, 23: music (work and leisure)
I am in a band that uses a small practice space that gets VERY loud. We all wear earplugs...hopefully that is enough protection...

Female, 23: music (leisure)
my loud sound/noise is music at a club... just so you know!

Male, 27: street noise, music, headphones, shooting, motorcycles (leisure and work)
I also used to work at a club and was exposed to loud speakers at a close range.

Male, 41: headphones (leisure)
I like to hear the depth in a music mix and reasonably loud bass guitar and kick drum.
I remember when I was younger, I listened to a friend play electric guitar and noticed that the trebly attack of higher notes were particularly peircing. I do not know if there is research to support this but I always figured it was safer to get ones loudness in lower frequency sounds (preferably < 100HZ)

Female, 17: music, street noise (leisure)
loud noices aggravate me!!!

Female, 19: music (leisure)
I would rather not be exposed to loud noise but at the concert I go to, I am left with no other alternative. I listen to the bands I like at the expense of my health.

Female, 28: music, motorcycles (leisure)
Noise pollution, from sources such as motorcycles is a significant source of irritation for me. I live on a very busy street, and at times these vehicles, including emergency vehicles, actually make my ears hurt for some time afterwards.

Female, 18: music, headphones, street noise (leisure)
It depends on what kind of mood im in if it's good or if it's bad. Concerts are the main soure of hearing loss in my opinion for people my age

Male 53: power tools, music, headphones (leisure and work)
On some days sensitivity is greater

Female, 23: restaurant noisiness, music (work and leisure)
it gets annoying, but can be fun

Male, 11: this person checked every noise source listed-as work (hmmm?)
No!!!...But thanks for letting and making me take the test!!!...Bye come back to this sight ladder.BYE!!!...

Female, 34: street noise (work)
normal street. noise is OK, but when it's traffic and people are tense and beeping, it's very bad

Male, 32: music, more music, and headphones (leisure)
1 4 hour very loud disco club secision. my friend was screaming in my ear and i couldnt even hear him! what is this form 4

Male, 49: music, street noise (work and leisure)
I had a serious head injury that has caused nerve damage along the left side of my head and neck. But possibly far more irritatating; NO, TORTUROUS on a DAILY basis // is the sensitivity to sound like LOUD Blarring drum and bass music, block parties, BOOM boxes from cars, dogs barking is the MOST TORTUROUS PAIN I face onn a DAILY BASIS!!! It's something that has nearly DRIVEN me to SUICIDE so many times, I've stopped counting. I've lost work over and over again, friendships and relationships and the only people who can understand my plight are those in the hyperacussis network. Most everyone else labels it a PSYCHOLOGICAL problem. Sure, stress and emotions do make the condition worse BUT it is NOT ONLY a mental condition. I would give a MILLION $ (if I had it) to be free from this agony! Yet our culture is ONLY making things worse with an attitude of INDIFFERENCE to this plight and UNBELIEVABLE lous NOISE & Music!!

Female, 28: music, cell phone beeps and rings through headset, music in the car (leisure)
In my experience, wedding bands play music too loudly and the speakers are usually right on the floor with the dancing (or sitting) guests. I don't understand why the bride and groom don't ask for the band to be quiet enough for guests to be able to talk to each other (or save their hearing).

Female, 35: street noise (leisure)
I'm pretty picky about loud sounds -- I cover my ears at even moderately loud ones.
I assume that living in an industrial society has increased my hearing // threshold over my lifetime. But I try to protect my hearing as much as // possible -- if I go to a Schwarzenegger flick,or fly on a plane, for example, // I often wear hearing protection. Most of the time it's random noise, so all // I can do is block my ears with my fingers. But I'm not shy about it -- who // cares how I look? I want my hearing to be exceptionally precise!

Female, 56: furnace blower, (in apartment) air planes taking off, also occassionally neighbor's karoke
I know my furnace blower sound is annoying, but I really didn't think about it this much. I am going to try to get it changed.

Female, 21: music (leisure)
The only loud sounds I can tolerate is the music at an occasional concert. I do not like loud screaming, loud music when I'm driving, or even noisy restaurants. I try to avoid all these environments.

Female, 21: (both work & leisure); "subway trains-I live in NYC and are around them all the time."
The sound of the metal car rushing on the metal tracks is awful. Depends though when and where. My "loud sound" source is not always constant, since the subway trains aren't always around, but I spend a large amount of time waiting for them or being on them. Wait time:usually around 20 minutes. These train stations usually have more than one kind of train running on them so even if my train hasn't arrived yet, there are plenty around that are running in other directions, so though it might not be constant noise, there's always some noise coming in. The sound of the trains squealing when they're rushing on the tracks are the worst. My home train station is also pretty bad. After I get off the train, I wait for my bus stop which is directly under the train tracks. Both tracks and the bus stop are outdoors, but it's still pretty bad. If I am on a cell phone, I would not be able to hear the person I was talking to, even if the phone was at its highest volume. I would have to walk maybe about 50 feet or so away to be able to hear decently, at a higher volume than when I'm in a quiet environment. It's pretty bad since this train station (Stillwell Avenue Station @ Coney Island, Brooklyn) has 4 pairs of trains, in other words, there are eight outdoor tracks that are high up above ground and there are several outdoor bus stops underneath those tracks. The average wait for buses is about 10 minutes. Sometimes the most has been 30 minutes or even 45. So, it's a real nightmare and I try to avoid standing there if I can.

Male, 13: music (leisure)
i feel good when i listen to loud music. sometimes i don't

Male, 13: music (leisure)
I love the sound of loud music cause it sounds great.

Male, 21: music (leisure)
music at night clubs "Gay" circuit parties, etc

Female, 20: music at concerts (leisure)
I know that concerts are really loud, but I always forget to wear earplugs and am starting to get worried about my hearing!

Male, 12: headphones (leisure)
I love loud music but when people talk to me I can't always hear what their saying

Female, 13: music (leisure)
my dad has been exposed to loud sound for years and he says his hearing has diteriorated over the years

Female, 39: loud children (both work and leisure)
I'm sure that before I had children my hearing was more acute. Now I have to make people repeat what they are saying, often. I think children yelling in your ears is a credible source of hearing loss.

Male, 25: street noise, music, headphones (leisure)
Your color choices hurt the eyes! There is a reason why most sites are black text on white background! (note: to me the white text on dark background is easier to look at than white on black: just like perception of sound, visual perception is individual!-Ann)

Female, 20: music, street noise (both work and leisure)
Music is good. Street noise is bad.

Female, 25: music (leisure)
My hearing is dampened after I listen to loud music at a concert or dance. (not frequent) My hearing level is 0 db HL, so clearly it hasn't been damaged by the few concerts/dances I've gone to. (Unless it used to be -5 or something.)

Male, 19: street noise, music, shooting, motorcycles (both work and leisure)
Working at a gas station on a busy intersection sometimes it is very nnosiy while other times its really quite. Some trucks drive by with cherry bombs and you can't have a conversation then but when its just cars and not the trucks and semi's then conversation is normal.

Female, 21: music (work and leisure)
I am a musician, and everyone else in my band has complained of ringing ears before, except me! But I never have any trouble hearing anyone, even when they are talking extremely softly.