Working Papers


Contract and Organization Theory

Supply Chain Integration: A Theory Based on Collusion and Communication Cost with Alberto Motta and Masatoshi Tsumagari, January 2020

Hierarchical Control Rights and Strong Collusion, with Masatoshi Tsumagari, Jan 2019


Empirical Development/Political Economy

How Do Voters Respond to Welfare Programs vis-a-vis Infrastructure Programs? Evidence for Clientelism in West Bengal, with Pranab Bardhan, Sandip Mitra, and Anusha Nath, May 2020.

Community Networks and the Growth of Private Enterprise in China with Ruochen Dai, Kaivan Munshi and Xiabo Zhang, Feb 2020.

Community Origins of Industrial Entrepreneurship in Pre-Independence India with Bishnupriya Gupta, Kaivan Munshi and Mario Sanclemente, March 2020.

Decentralized Targeting of Agricultural Credit Programs: Private versus Political Intermedaries, with Pushkar Maitra, Sandip Mitra and Sujata Visaria, January 2020.

Political Clientelism and Capture: Theory and Evidence from West Bengal with Pranab Bardhan, revised August 2012.


Theoretical Development/Inequality/Political Economy

Growth, Automation and the Long Run Share of Labor, with Debraj Ray, revised June 2020.

A Theory of Progressive Lending, with Dyotona Dasgupta Ray, June 2020.

Poverty Dynamics and Efficiency Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers, with Stefan Napel, October 2019.

A Theory of Clientelistic Politics versus Programmatic Politics, with Pranab Bardhan, August 2018.