Working Papers


Contract and Organization Theory

Weak Ex Ante Collusion and the Design of Supervisory Institutions, with Alberto Motta and Masatoshi Tsumagari, revised October 2015.

Empirical Development

Middleman Margins and Asymmetric Information: An Experiment with Potato Farmers in West Bengal with Sandip Mitra, Maximo Torero and Sujata Visaria, revised July 2015.

Financing Smallholder Agriculture: An Experiment with Agent-Intermediated Microloans in India, with Sandip Mitra, Pushkar Maitra, Alberto Motta and Sujata Visaria, revised July 2015.

Firewood Collections and Economic Growth in Rural Nepal 1995-2010: Evidence from a Household Panel, with Jean-Marie Baland and Francois Libois, December 2012

Political Clientelism and Capture: Theory and Evidence from West Bengal with Pranab Bardhan, revised August 2012.

Political Participation, Clientelism and Targeting of Local Government Programs: Results from a Rural Household Survey in West Bengal, India. Revised version with P Bardhan, S. Mitra and A. Sarkar, October 2011. Original version: Local Democracy in West Bengal: Clientelism, Political Participation and Targeting of Public Services, February 2008.

Theoretical Development/Inequality/Political Economy

Pareto Improving Education Subsidies wiith Financial Frictions and Heterogenous Abilities, with Stefan Napel, revised April 2015.

Controlling Collusion and Extortion: The Twin Faces of Corruption with Ajit Mishra, August 2012.

Educational Signaling, Credit Constraints and Income Distribution Dynamics with Marcello d'Amato, July 2010, revised version April 2012.

How Did the US Housing Slump Begin? Role of the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act, with Ulf Lilienfeld, January 2011

Relative Capture of Local and Central Governments with Pranab Bardhan 2000 (Figures)

Expenditure Decentralization and the Delivery of Public Services in Developing Countries with Pranab Bardhan, 1998

Contractual Constraints on Firm Performance in Developing Countries(Figures) 1998