Adriana DiGrande, MS, CCC/SLP

Private Practice

Since 1982 Ms. DiGrande has worked exclusively with individuals who stutter. In 1997 she began a private practice, working with all age groups of people who stutter. She treats pre-school children, school age children, adolescents and adults. She has developed an intensive fluency therapy program for adults and children which integrates principles of fluency shaping and stuttering modification and also has developed a pediatric fluency therapy program that treats the child, his/her parents and other caregivers.

Ms. DiGrande sees individual clients at her office in Lexington, MA and conducts several four-week intensive groups per year for children and adults. These groups are conducted at Boston University and other Boston locations and take place during the summer months and the month of January.


For more information call Ms. DiGrande at 781-665-6623 or e-mail at

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