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skunk (sk ngk) n.

All Skunks are not created equal. The skunk may spray you! There are no guarantees this method will work for you!
Also, your skunk may be ill or rabid. No claims are made here to deal with a sick skunk.
The trap used MUST be designed to capture skunks.

Important legal stuff:
It is a violation for anyone to relocate animals in Massachusetts and many other states.
Please refer to state and local codes prior to capturing animals!

Step One : Trap the Skunk
* Actually, this is the easy part. Skunk dens usually have multiple entrances. Block all the entrances except one. Place the trap over the open entrance. With a little luck the skunk will exit the den into the trap.

When the den can not be located, an Italian Sub makes perfect bait.

Picture 1...

Step Two : Approach the trap.
* This is a very important step. The skunk may spray you! But, the skunk may give you warnings first. Pay attention to them.

The skunk may warn you by hissing and/or stomping the front feet. If either of these occurs, BACK OFF! Come back later and try again. The skunk must be calm and quiet to continue.

Picture 2 ...

Step Three : Bag the trap.
* Gently lift the trap high enough to place the trap in a dark plastic bag. Do not seal the bag.

The bag is used to calm the skunk only. It will not contain the oder if the skunk sprays.

Picture 3 ...

Step Four : Transport the skunk.
* Gently carry the bagged cage to car trunk or better an open truck bed.

Skunk shown here in a car trunk.

Picture 4...

Step Five : Relocate the skunk.
* Drive the skunk to a remote wooded area.

The skunk may return, something you don't want. Put at least a few miles between you and your skunk.

Picture 5...

Step Six : Pray for a successful release.
* The important things to consider when finding the right place to release the skunk:

  • Does the skunk have cover to retreat to?
  • Do you have room to retreat to?
  • Have you taken enough photographs to show off to your friends?
  • Are you crazy?! You have a skunk in a cage!

Picture 6...

Step Seven : Prepare for the release.
* Remove most of the plastic bag in order for the skunk to leave once released. The skunk should not get stuck in the bag.

Picture 7...

Step Eight : Release the skunk.
* The trap used here releases the animal when the trap is turn up side down. (Your trap may operate differently.)
Carefully and slowly turn the trap over.

Do not take your eyes off the skunk. You may have to retreat early.

Picture 8...

Step Nine : Retreat!
* Your job is done.

Retreat to a safe distance and admire your skunk from afar.

Picture 9...

Step Ten : Photo Op.
* Photograph your skunk and hope to never see it again.

Picture 10...


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