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Melvin Delgado
M.S.W., Ph.D., Professor

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Dr. Delgado's research interests are focused mainly on social work in Latino communities, substance abuse prevention, natural support systems in communities of color, social work practice with Latino elders. Recently Dr. Delgado was awarded a grant by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, to establish the Boston University Social Work Minority Research Center for Research and Training in Urban Communities of Color.


Current Semester Courses
MP 774 Seminar on Community Planning
The objective of this course is to provide students with a greater understanding of how assessment (assets and needs) sets the context for community planning. This course will examine the impact of demographic trends on social needs, and prepare students for delivering a speech before a varied and hostile audience.
MP 783 Planning and Program Development
This course will provide a theoretical base for examining social planning and various macro-practice models. It will provide an understanding of capacity enhancement and problem-solving steps, the relationship between analytical and interactional forces, and importance of a framework in developing a plan of action
  Links to selected publications
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Community social work practice in an urban context
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Latino elders and the twenty-first century
Alcohol use/abuse among Latinos
Links to Professional Organizations:
Council on Social Work Education
National Association of Social Workers
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14 January 1999