Team Taught: Abele, Caffentzis, Gavett, Hargrave, Klimek, Pal, Parris, Strand
Tuesday: 1:00-2:00
Fall 1999
Room 104

By the completion of this course the student will develop an awareness and/or skills in the following areas:

  • Planning, implementation and evaluating individual and/or group treatment programs
  • Communicating clearly with individuals who have communication difficulties
  • Assessing client behavior
  • Assessing teaching client behavior and making appropriate modifications
  • Recognizing that the individuals we treat come from different cultural backgrounds
  • Understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities of the profession
  • September 7 Assignments - orientation (staff)

    September 14 Professional skill development (staff)

    September 21 Overview of Clinical Process (staff)

    September 28 Behavior Management (Abele)

    October 5 Clinical Writing (Gavett)

    October 12 Field Placements (Parris and Gavett)

    October 19 Ethics (Parris)

    October 26 Mid term - NO CLASS

    November 2 Multicultural (Strand)

    November 9 Multicultural (guest speaker)

    November 16 Counseling (Sanders) 1:00-3:00 PM

    November 23 NO CLASS

    November 30 Clinical Management (Pesanelli)

    December 7 Wrap Up, Transition to Field Placements (Gavett)

    December 14 NO CLASS - Final Conferences

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