Past Course List

  Bosotn University Metropolitan College

  • Operating Systems(CS575)
  • Software Engineering(CS673)

  Merrimack College

  • Intro to Information Technology (CSC1510)
  • Computer Science I (C++) (CSC1610)
  • C on Unix (CSC2520 & CSC2530)
  • Programming Language (CSC3120)
  • Software Engineering (CSC4910)

  Wenthworth Institute of Technology

  • Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving (CS165)
  • Structured Programming for Engineering and Technology (CS114)

  Allegheny College

  • Introduction to Computer Science I (Java) (CS111)
  • Data Communication and Networks (CS381)
  • Operating Systems (CS440)
  • Junior Seminar (CS580)

  Boston Unversity (As a TA)

  • Computer Architecture (CS450)
  • Computer Organization (CS210)

  University of Science and Technology Beijing

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • C Programming
  • English of Computer Science