Simultaneous 6300 Å airglow and radar observations of ionospheric irregularities and dynamics at the geomagnetic equator
Hickey, D. A., C. R. Martinis, M. Mendillo, J. Baumgardner, J. Wroten, and M. A. Milla (2018), Ann. Geophys., 36, 473-487
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Multi-instrumented observations of the equatorial F-region during June solstice: large-scale wave structures and spread-F
Rodrigues,F. S., D. A. Hickey, W. Zhan, C. R. Martinis, B. G. Fejer, M. A. Milla and J. F. Arratia (2018), Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 5:14
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Space Weather Nowcasting for Area-Denied Locations: Testing All-Sky Imaging Applications at Geomagnetic Conjugate Points
Mendillo, M., D. A. Hickey, C. R. Martinis, J. Wroten, J. Baumgardner (2018), Space Weather, 16, 47–56

Concurrent observations at the magnetic equator of small-scale irregularities and large-scale depletions associated with equatorial spread F
Hickey, D. A., C. R. Martinis, F. S. Rodrigues, R. H. Varney, M. A. Milla, M. J. Nicolls, A. Strømme, and J. F. Arratia (2015),J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 120, 10,883–10,896
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New radar observations of temporal and spatial dynamics of the midnight temperature maximum at low latitude and midlatitude
Hickey, D. A., C. R. Martinis, P. J. Erickson, L. P. Goncharenko, J. W. Meriwether, R. Mesquita, W. L. Oliver, and A. Wright (2014), J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 119, pages 10,499–10,506.
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The midnight temperature maximum from Arecibo incoherent scatter radar ion temperature measurements
Martinis, C., D. Hickey, W. Oliver, N. Aponte, C. G. M. Brum, R. Akmaev, A. Wright, and C. Miller (2013), J. Atmos. Sol. Terr. Phys., 103, 129–137.
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A nighttime temperature maximum in the thermosphere above Saint Santin in winter
Oliver, W. L., C. R. Martinis, D. A. Hickey, A. D. Wright, and C. Amory-Mazaudier (2012), J. Geophys. Res., 117, A06324
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