I was a teaching assistant for a variety of classes at Colby College. I graded homework for Foundations of Mechanics, Differential Equations, Modern Physics, and Electricity and Magnetism. I was a lab teaching assistant twice for Introduction to Astrophysics and one semester each for Foundations of Mechanics and Foundations of Electromagnetism and Optics. I received the Physics Department Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in 2010.
During the Spring 2013 I was a Teaching Assistant for AS100 Cosmic Controversies at Boston University. I really enjoyed that experience and I will be working in this role again in Spring 2014. My responsibilities included leading three discussion sections of about 20 students each, running night labs on the roof of BU, grading homework and exams and holding office hours. Here are a few comments included in the evaluations from Spring 2013:
    -Mendillo’s and Dustin’s excitement was contagious.
    -Fun, provided additional details to lecture, nothing to improve on, dresses well.
    -Wonderful. At first I wasn’t too fond of the activities of discussion section but Dustin made  
        it bearable.
    -Cool guy, led discussions in a simple to understand manner, a pleasant fellow.
    -Excellent TF, one of the best I have had so far at BU
    -Doesn’t need to improve on anything, he’s perfectly adorable