Jeff DaCosta

Post-doctoral Fellow

Harvard University


Director, Research Equipment Program

Neotropical Grassland Conservancy


Ph.D. Biology, Boston University, 2014

M.S. Biology, Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas, 2006

B.S. Biology, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst, 1998

Google Scholar profile

I am generally interested in ecology, evolution and behavior, and my research mainly uses molecular data to explore these broad topics.

My current research focuses on the tribe Maleae, a diverse clade of ~750 woody plant species that includes apples, pears, and quince genera. I am studying the consequences of whole genome duplication in this clade by tracking patterns of gene loss and retention following duplication and scanning the genome of a recently evolved tetraploid species.

My Ph.D. at Boston University was completed in Mike Sorenson’s lab, where I researched the behavioral, morphological, and genomic population structure of indigobirds (genus Vidua).


Photo by Markus Mika

Photo by Michael Sorenson