This is a collection of photos I've taken. Some I'm proud of, some are artsy, some are funny, and some are just plain quirky. Feel free to email me if you want high-resolution versions of any of the pictures.

Fall webworms in Durham

The flying V

Palomar Observatory

Runners along the Charles

Sage advice or the underlying
problem with our education system?

San Diego surfers

Spring love in the Commons

Guess what? Goose butt

Piano lesson at the Esplanade

Storrow Lagoon

Goose and guy

Night walker at CTIO

Car driver at CTIO

Magallenic Clouds

A beach dog's perspective

CTIO fox

Blanco telescope

"South star" above the Blanco

CTIO night sky

Star trails above the CTIO 0.9m

Are the M.I.B. in?