The Group Calendar

MiKyungJuly 2Vibronic Enhancement of Exciton Sizes and Energy Transfer in Photosynthetic Complexes
DeclanJuly 113D Real Time in vivo Magnetic Particle Imaging
DonalJuly 29A New Maximum Likelihood Approach for Energy Profile Construction from MD
CallieAugust 5RISE poster presentation
The BossAugust 13Clustered Geometries Exploiting Quantum Coherence Effects for Efficient EET in Light Harvesting
EkmelAugust 19Exciton Analysis in 2D Electronic Spectroscopy
BrendenAugust 28Photosynthetic Reaction Centers as a Quantum Heat Engine
ShourjaSept 4
AaronSept 9
AngeloSept 16
MarcoSept 23


First attempt at a group picture!

Group barbeque party in Boston!

Group barbeque party in Boston!

Group hike at Howth, Ireland!

Lauren's good-bye party in Ireland!

Barbeque party in Ireland!

Dan, Tina, David, and Lauren!