Selected Publications: Iain M. Cockburn
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Recent Working Papers and Manuscripts
  • Ernst R. Berndt and Iain M. Cockburn "Price Indexes for Clinical Trial Research: A Feasibility Study" NBER Working Paper No. 18918
  • Ajay Agrawal, Iain Cockburn, Alberto Galasso, and Alexander Oettl "Why are Some Regions More Innovative than Others? The Role of Firm Size Diversity" NBER Working Paper No. 17793

Software Patents and Innovation in Information Technology

Intellectual Property
  • Elisabeth Mueller, Iain Cockburn, and Megan MacGarvie, "Access to intellectual property for innovation: Evidence on problems and coping strategies from German firms." Research Policy, 2013, 42(2):529-541.
  • Iain Cockburn, I., Megan MacGarvie, and E.isabeth Mueller "Patent Thickets, Licensing and Innovative Performance." Industrial and Corporate Change, 2010, 19(3): 899-925.
  • Iain Cockburn "Blurred Boundaries: Tensions Between Open Scientific Resources and Commercial Exploitation of Knowledge in Biomedical Research"
  • Iain Cockburn, Sam Kortum, and Scott Stern "Are All Patent Examiners Equal? The Impact of Examiner Characteristics On Patent Statistics and Litigation Outcomes." NBER Working Paper No. 8980
  • Cockburn, Iain "State Street Meets the Human Genome Project." Chapter in R. Hahn (ed.) Intellectual Property Rights in Frontier Industries, AEI-Brookings Press, 2005
  • Cockburn, Iain, and Paul Chwelos "Intellectual Property Rights and the Transition to the Knowledge-based Economy." In L. Lefebvre (ed.) Doing Business in the Knowledge-based Economy, JAI Press, 2001. 
  • Lanjouw, Jean, and Iain Cockburn "New Pills For Poor People? Empirical Evidence After GATT." World Development, February 2001, 29(2), pp. 265-289. abstract 
  • Cockburn, Iain, and Zvi Griliches, "Industry Effects and Appropriability Measures in the Stock Market's Valuation of R&D and Patents." American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 1988, 78(2), pp. 419-423. abstract 

Business Strategy
  • Cockburn, Iain, Rebecca Henderson, and Scott Stern, "Untangling the Origins of Competitive Advantage." Strategic Management Journal, December 2000, 21(10-11), pp. 1123-1145.. abstract 
  • Amit, Raphael, Eitan Muller, and Iain Cockburn, "Opportunity Costs and Entrepreneurial Activity." Journal of Business Venturing, 1994, 10, pp. 95-106. abstract 
  • Henderson, Rebecca, and Iain Cockburn, "Measuring Competence: Exploring Firm Effects in Pharmaceutical Research." Strategic Management Journal, 1994, 15, pp. 63-84. abstract 

Economics of R&D
  • Iain Cockburn, and Scott Stern, "Finding the Endless Frontier: Lessons from the Life Sciences Innovation System for Technology Policy." Capitalism and Society, 2010, 5(1), article 1.
  • Iain Cockburn "Intellectual Property Rights and Pharmaceuticals: Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Research."
  • Henry Grabowski, Iain Cockburn, and Genia Long "The Market for Follow-on Biologics: How Will It Evolve?" Health Affairs, 2006, 25(5), pp.1291-1301.
  • Iain Cockburn and Matt Slaughter "The Global Location of Biopharmaceutical Knowledge Activity: New Findings, New Questions"
  • Cockburn, Iain "The Changing Structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry." Health Affairs, 2004, 23(1), pp.10-22. abstract 
  • Cockburn, Iain, and Rebecca Henderson "Scale and Scope in Drug Development: Unpacking the Advantages of Size in Pharmaceutical Research." Journal of Health Economics, 2001, 20(6), pp.1033-1057. abstract 
  • Cockburn, Iain, and Rebecca Henderson "Absorptive Capacity, Coauthoring Behavior, and the Organization of Research in Drug Discovery." Journal of Industrial Economics, 1998, 46(2), pp. 157-182. abstract 
  • Henderson, Rebecca, and Iain Cockburn, "Scale, Scope, and Spillovers: Determinants of Research Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry." RAND Journal of Economics, Spring 1996, 27(1), pp. 32-59.  abstract 
  • Cockburn, Iain, and Rebecca Henderson "Racing to Invest? The Dynamics of Competition in Ethical Drug Discovery." Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 1994, 3(3), pp. 481-519. abstract 

Economic Geography

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Demand Studies
  • Berndt, Ernst, Iain Cockburn, Douglas Cocks, Arnold Epstein, and Zvi Griliches "Prescription Drug Prices for the Elderly." Monthly Labor Review, September 1998, 121(9), pp. 23-34
  • Ellison, Sarah, Iain Cockburn, Zvi Griliches, and Jerry Hausman "Characteristics of Demand for Pharmaceutical Products: An Examination of Four Cephalosporins." RAND Journal of Economics, 1997, 28(3), pp. 426-446.  abstract
  • Berndt, Ernst, Iain Cockburn, and Zvi Griliches "Pharmaceutical Innovations and Market Dynamics: Tracking Effects on Price Indexes for Anti-Depressant Drugs." Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Microeconomics, 1996, 1, pp. 133-188.
  • Griliches, Zvi, and Iain Cockburn, "Generics and New Goods in Pharmaceutical Price Indexes." American Economic Review, 1995, 84(5), pp. 1213-1232. abstract

  • Wang, Peiming, Marty Puterman, Nhu Le, and Iain Cockburn, "Mixed Poisson Models With Covariate-Dependent Rates," Biometrics, 1996, 52, pp. 381-400.
  • Wang, Peiming, Iain Cockburn, and Marty Puterman "Analysis of Patent Data - A Mixed Poisson Regression Approach," Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 1998, 16(1), pp. 27-41.

  • Ernst Berndt, Iain Cockburn, and Karen Grepin "The Impact of Incremental Innovation in Biopharmaceuticals: Drug Utilization in Original and Supplemental Indications." Pharmacoeconomics, 2006, 24 Suppl. 2, pp. 69-83.
  • Stafford, Randall, Curt Furberg, Stan Finkelstein, Iain Cockburn, Tseday Alehegn, and Jun Ma, "The Impact of Clinical Trial Results On National Trends in Alpha-Blocker Prescribing, 1996-2002." JAMA, 2004, 291, pp.54-62.
  • Ma Jun, Randall Stafford, Iain Cockburn, and Stan Finkelstein "A Statistical Analysis of the Magnitude and Composition of Drug Promotion in the U.S." Clinical Therapeutics, 2003; 25(5), pp.1503-1517.
  • Randall Stafford, Jun Ma, Stan Finkelstein, Kenan Haver, and Iain Cockburn "National Trends in Asthma Visits and Asthma Pharmacotherapy, 1978-2002." Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2003, 111(4), pp.729-735.
  • Cockburn, Iain, Howard Bailit, Ernst Berndt, and Stan Finkelstein, "Loss of Work Productivity Due to Illness and Medical Treatment." Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, November 1999, 41(11), pp. 1-6.
  • Cockburn, Iain, Howard Bailit, Ernst Berndt, and Stan Finkelstein "When Antihistamines Go To Work." Business and Health, March 1999, 17(3), pp. 49-50.

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