Things I Like!

My Problem with Internet Jukeboxes

The internet jukebox at White Horse Tavern has 72 songs by Dimmu Borgir. I love playing songs that I genuinely enjoy but are completely inappropriate for the venue. This all started with Phantom of the Opera at the Bear's Lair during my college days at Berekeley. As such I've discovered most places have a remote and can skip "Stenka Na Stenku" but really if they don't want me to play it then they shouldn't give me the option. I tend to gravitate to the most absurd metal I can find... folk, viking, pagan, pirate, certain symphonic or black metal bands. Who doesn't love double pedal drums and dropped guitars with a backing choir or hurdy gurdy? Right now I want to live in this song. That link does change every so often.

UPDATE--- On a related note, I did recently discover that the Allston Sunset restaurant can officially be called 'good Sunset' again as the jukebox has improved and they have restarted carring Nalewka Babuni. I managed to play a Behemoth, a Diablo Swing Orchestra, and an Ensiferum song without anything being skipped (somewhat surprising) but once I remembered to put on some Dimmu they apparently found the jukebox remote and decided 30s of 'Progenies of the Great Apocalypse' was sufficient. Also if you want to confuse all the undergrads at the Comm. Ave. Sunset, play the Star Wars theme. Easiest way to interrupt the conversations of half the people in the room.

My Secret Talent

Not that one would guess from the types of music I listen to but the shows I go to aren't typically huge but there tends to be a bit of pushing. Somehow I always end up in the front row. Twice I've seen Turisas at the Palladium upstairs where I have found out that the stage doesn't even reach my knees. My mutant power allows me to take some nice pictures. Yes, the picture is blurry but I love the moment I captured. And the creepy dude on the right of the stage.

My Other Secret Talent

I like punching people in the face. No, I don't have a problem, I box. I have had four unofficial matches and have my amateur debut this September with Lights Out for Leukemia (link to support me coming soon). I spar several times a week and from this know that someone needs to invent a fabric similar to Velcro that can hold boxing gloves shut but not consistently scratch up my arms. Check out my most recent match here.

I've also somehow found my way onto the BU (unofficial) Women's Club Hockey team. I think I may enjoy pretending like I can play hockey better than boxing. Terrier it up!

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