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58 kb jpg of July cookout

It's summer barbeque time in the McKnight lab! Front row: Yeming Wang, Cemil Durak, Ben Frank, Zhenghui Jiang. Back row: Qian Xu, Jamie, Gokhan Ulu, Didem Vardar, Jianmin Meng, and Ling.

54 kb jpg of Didem & Gokhan at Graduation

Didem and her husband Gokhan get their BU PhD. Diplomas on the same day! She from BUSM, He from CAS, in Physics. From left to right: Didem's Mom, Gokhan's advisor Selim Ünlü, Gokhan, Didem's Dad, Didem, Jamie.

68 kb jpg of Didem and Jamie at Graduation

Didem Vardar and Jamie McKnight at the Boston University School of Medicine Graduation Ceremony.

34 kb jpg of the NMR journal club

Nate Walsh, Jamie, Ben Frank and Didem Vardar demonstrating that the NMR Journal club has finally made them INEPT.

58 kb jpg of the lab

From left to right: Jamie, Gokhan Ulu, Ben Frank, Didem Vardar and Deirdre Buckley at a barbeque at Jamie's house.

50 kb jpg of bsf, cjm &dv in the lab

Ben Frank, Jamie and Didem Vardar in the lab wearing shorts in violation of OSHA guidelines: Don't do this in your lab!

50 kb jpg of Linda Reeves in the lab

Linda Reeves, emailing Ireland?

69 kb jpg of the guo lab

Ben Frank, Mehul Dalal, Dr. Hwai-Chen Guo , Terry O'Laughlin & Qian Xu squeezed into my office. Terry and Qian are members of Hwai-Chen's lab.

63 kb jpg of the group at crane beach

Ben Frank and Linda Reeves are in the front. Future researcher Emily McKnight, My wife, Natalie McKnight, and future reseacher Annie McKnight are in the back row. This was taken at the Crane Beach mansion in Ipswich during a Departmental Beach Trip!

50 kb jpg of the group at Wachusett Mountain

Gokhan Ulu, Didem Vardar, Deirdre Buckley, Ben Frank, and Jamie at the base of Wachusett Mountain

53 kb jpg of Didem Vardar at the lab bench.

Didem Vardar getting every bit of protein out of her lyophilizing flask.

40 kb jpg of the group at Ming's Chinese Resturant.

The lab and friends celebrating Didem Vardar's birthday at Ming's in nearby Chinatown.

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