Then, the production process involves loading a Roof onto a Chassis already placed in a Holder.

  • In Figure 5, three Holders with Chassis are shown; one is at the Chassis Loading Station, and the other two are at the buffer between the Chassis Loading Station and the Roof Loading Station.

  • In Figure 6, a Holder with Chassis is shown approaching the Roof Loading Station. Note that the Input Gate is retracted, allowing the Holder to enter the station. A Light Sensor (adjacent to the Input Gate) detects the presence of a Holder with Chassis in position at the Roof Loading Station. When this occurs, the Input Gate will move forward, locking the Holder into a precise desired position. This 'gating' system is used throughout the factory with minor variations.

Figure 7: Roof  being loaded at the Roof Loading Station

  • A Pushing Arm mechanism similar to that present at the Chassis Loading Station is used to place a Roof on the top of a Chassis (see Figure 7).