The goal of this project is to capture the main features of a real automated manufacturing system using exclusively LEGO components. In addition to simple blocks, the factory currently incorporates 9 light sensors, 10 touch sensors and 28 motors. These devices are required for process automation and control. A Personal Computer is used to issue commands such as "start/stop motor" or "open/close gate" in order to fully control the operation of this system. A user is able to give high-level commands through the PC, such as "make three cars", and see a sequence of actions and operations automatically unfold in the LEGO factory.

Shown above is the current Lego Car Computer Controlled Factory. The manufacturing process consists of six main steps:

  1. Release an empty Holder into the main assembly line (see figure below).

  2. Load a Chassis onto the Holder

  3. Load a Roof onto a Chassis already in a Holder.

  4. Press the Roof onto the Chassis and remove the Chassis-Roof assembly from the Holder.

  5. Press two sets of Wheels(front and rear) into the bottom of the Chassis.

  6. Carry the final assembled car into the storage area.