A Brief History of the Project

The development of the computer-controlled LEGO factory began as an Electrical Engineering senior design project by Daniel Esterman, Michael Sullivan and Jason Bergendahl, under the supervision of Prof. Christos G. Cassandras. It was inspired by a similar project at Linkoping University, Sweden. During the summer of 1995, Ryan Massimino, Wei Shen and Albert Young, along with Jason Bergendahl, made various extensions and modifications to the factory. Wei Shen, Albert Young and Robert Donaldson continued developing the factory as their senior design project.

Finally Kagan Gokbayrak
, during the summer and fall semesters of 1996, made additions and modifications to the factory such as:

  • The control program is modified so that the need for a second computer is discarded.

  • Buffering capability

  • Initialization of stations and gates

  • New gate designs

  • New wheel press design

  • Discarding sensor-related jams

  • Robustness

and many more...

The project is ongoing. It is supported by the ECE Department and by a Grant from the National Science Foundation
. involving collaboration with Prof. W.B. Gong, and Professors Y.C. Ho (Harvard University), J.Q. Hu (Boston University), P. Vakili (Boston University).