Catherine Espaillat's Publications

Dr. Catherine C. Espaillat
Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Boston University

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First-author Refereed Publications

13. An Incipient Debris Disk in the Chamaeleon I Cloud
C. C. Espaillat, A. Ribas, M. K. McClure, J. Hernandez, J. E. Owen, N. Avish, N. Calvet, & R. Franco-Hernandez,
2017, ApJ, in press.

12. The Transitional Disk around IRAS 04125+2902
C. Espaillat, S. Andrews, D. Powell, D. Feldman, C. Qi, D. Wilner, & P. D'Alessio,
2015, ApJ, 807, 156.

11. An Observational Perspective of Transitional Disks
C. Espaillat, J. Muzerolle, J. Najita, S. Andrews, Z. Zhu, N. Calvet, S. Kraus, J. Hashimoto, A. Kraus, & P. D'Alessio,
2014, Protostars and Planets VI, University of Arizona Press, eds. H. Beuther, R. Klessen, C. Dullemond, Th. Henning.

10. Tracing High-Energy Radiation from T Tauri Stars Using Mid-Infrared Neon Emission from Disks
C. Espaillat, L. Ingleby, E. Furlan, M. McClure, A. Spatzier, J. Nieusma, N. Calvet, E. Bergin, L. Hartmann, J. M. Miller, & J. Muzerolle,
2013, ApJ, 762, 62.

9. On the Transitional Disk Class: Linking Observations of T Tauri Stars & Physical Disk Models
C. Espaillat, L. Ingleby, J. Hernandez, E. Furlan, P. D'Alessio, N. Calvet, S. Andrews, J. Muzerolle, C. Qi, & D. Wilner,
2012, ApJ, 747, 103.

8. A Spitzer IRS Study of Infrared Variability in Transitional and Pre-transitional Disks Around T Tauri Stars
C. Espaillat, E. Furlan, P. D'Alessio, B. Sargent, E. Nagel, N. Calvet, D. M. Watson, & J. Muzerolle,
2011, ApJ, 728, 49.

7. Unveiling the Structure of Pre-Transitional Disks
C. Espaillat, P. D’Alessio, J. Hernandez, E. Nagel, K. L. Luhman, D. M. Watson, N. Calvet, J. Muzerolle, & M. McClure,
2010, ApJ, 717, 441.

6. A Slowly Accreting ~10 Myr Old Transitional Disk in Orion OB1a
C. Espaillat, J. Muzerolle, J. Hernandez, C. Briceno, N. Calvet, P. D’Alessio, M. McClure, D. M. Watson, L. Hartmann, & B. Sargent,
2008, ApJL, 684, L145.

5. Confirmation of a Gapped Primordial Disk around LkCa 15
C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, K. L. Luhman, J. Muzerolle, & P. D’Alessio,
2008, ApJL, 682, L125.

4. Wavelet Analysis of AGN X-Ray Time Series: A QPO in 3C 273?
C. Espaillat, J. Bregman, P. Hughes, & E. Lloyd-Davies,
2008, ApJ, 679, 182.

3. On the Diversity of the Taurus Transitional Disks: UX Tau A & Lk Ca 15
C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, P. D’Alessio, J. Hernandez, C. Qi, L. Hartmann, E. Furlan, & D. M. Watson,
2007, ApJL, 670, L135.

2. Probing the Dust and Gas in the Transitional Disk of CS Cha with Spitzer
C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, P. D’Alessio, E. Bergin, L. Hartmann, D. M. Watson, E. Furlan, J. Najita, W. Forrest, M. McClure, B. Sargent, C. Bohac, & S. T. Harrold,
2007, ApJL, 664, L111.

1. The Helium-rich Cataclysmic Variable ES Ceti
C. Espaillat, J. Patterson, B. Warner, & P. Woudt,
2005, PASP, 117, 189.

Ph.D. Thesis

The Evolution of Dusty Disks Around Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars
C. Espaillat,
2009, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Michigan.

Co-authored Refereed Publications

54. Herschel PACS Observations of 4–10 Myr Old Classical T Tauri Stars in Orion OB1
K. Mauco, C. Briceño, N. Calvet, J. Hernandez, J. Ballesteros-Paredes, O. Gonzalez, C.C. Espaillat, D. Li, C. M. Telesco, J. Jose Downes, E. Macias, C. Qi, R. Michel, P. D'Alessio, & B. Ali,
2018, ApJ, 859, 1.

53. Far-infrared to Millimeter Data of Protoplanetary Disks: Dust Growth in the Taurus, Ophiuchus, and Chamaeleon I Star-forming Regions
A. Ribas, C.C. Espaillat, E. Macias, H. Bouy, S. Andrews, N. Calvet, D. A. Naylor, P. Riviere-Marichalar, M. H. D. van der Wiel, & D. Wilner,
2017, ApJ, 849, 63.

52. Periodic eclipses of the young star PDS 110 discovered with WASP and KELT photometry
H. P. Osborn, J. E. Rodriguez, M. A. Kenworthy, G. M. Kennedy, E. E. Mamajek, C. E. Robinson, C. C. Espaillat, D. J. Armstrong, B. J. Shappee, A. Bieryla, D. W. Latham, D. R. Anderson, T. G. Beatty, P. Berlind, M. L. Calkins, G. A. Esquerdo, B. S. Gaudi, C. Hellier, T. W.-S. Holoien, D. James, C. S. Kochanek, R. B. Kuhn, M. B. Lund, J. Pepper, D. L. Pollacco, J. L. Prieto, R. J. Siverd, K. G. Stassun, D. J. Stevens, K. Z. Stanek, & R. G. West,
2017, MNRAS, 471, 740.

51. Time-dependent Models of Magnetospheric Accretion onto Young Stars
C.E. Robinson, J.E. Owen, C.C. Espaillat, & F.C. Adams,
2017, ApJ, 838, 100.

50. Polarized Disk Emission from Herbig Ae/Be Stars Observed Using Gemini Planet Imager: HD 144432, HD 150193, HD 163296, and HD 169142
J.D. Monnier, T.J. Harries, A. Aarnio, F.C. Adams, S. Andrews, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, L. Hartmann, S. Hinkley, S. Kraus, M. McClure, R. Oppenheimer, M. Perrin, & D. Wilner,
2017, ApJ, 838, 20.

49. DM Ori: A Young Star Occulted by a Disturbance in Its Protoplanetary Disk
J.E. Rodriguez, K.G. Stassun, P. Cargile, B.J. Shappee, R.J. Siverd, J. Pepper, M.B. Lund, C.S. Kochanek, D. James, R.B. Kuhn, T.G. Beatty, B.S. Gaudi, D.A. Weintraub, K.Z. Stanek, T.W.-S. Holoien, J.L. Prieto, D.M. Feldman, & C. Espaillat,
2016, ApJ, 831, 74.

48. Sparse aperture masking interferometry survey of transitional discs. Search for substellar-mass companions and asymmetries in their parent discs
M. Willson, S. Kraus, J. Kluska, J.D. Monnier, M. Ireland, A. Aarnio, M.L. Sitko, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, & D.J. Wilner,
2016, A&A, 595, A9.

47. The Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Survey of Protoplanetary Disks in Orion A. I. Disk Properties
K.H. Kim, D.M. Watson, P. Manoj, W.J. Forrest, E. Furlan, J. Najita, B. Sargent, J. Hernandez, N. Calvet, L. Adame, C. Espaillat, S.T. Megeath, J. Muzerolle, & M.K. McClure,
2016, ApJS, 226, 8.

46. Imaging the Photoevaporating Disk and Radio Jet of GM Aur
E. Macias, G. Anglada, M. Osorio, N. Calvet, J.M Torrelles, J.F. Gomez, C. Espaillat, S. Lizano, L.F. Rodriguez, C. Carrasco-Gonzalez}, & L. Zapata,
2016, ApJ, 829, 1.

45. Constraining the properties of transitional disks in Chamaeleon I with Herschel
A. Ribas, H. Bouy, B. Merin, G. Duchene, I. Rebollido, C. Espaillat, & C. Pinte,
2016, MNRAS, 458, 1029.

44. YSOVAR: mid-infrared variability of young stellar objects and their disks in the cluster IRAS 20050+2720
K. Poppenhaeger, A. M. Cody, K. R. Covey, H. M. Gunther, L. A. Hillenbrand, P. Plavchan, L. M. Rebull, J. R. Stauffer, S. J. Wolk, C. Espaillat, J. Forbrich, R. A. Gutermuth, J. L. Hora, M. Morales-Calderon, & Inseok Song,
2015, AJ, 150, 118.

43. Near-IR Polarized Scattered Light Imagery of the DoAr 28 Transitional Disk
E. Rich, J. Wisniewski, S. Mayama, T. Brandt, J. Hashimoto, T. Kudo, N. Kusakabe, C. Espaillat, & 47 additional co-authors,
2015, ApJ, 150, 86.

42. Using FUV to IR Variability to Probe the Star-Disk Connection in the Transitional Disk
of GM Aur

L. Ingleby, C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, M. Sitko, R. Russell, & E. Champney,
2015, ApJ, 805, 149.

41. Detections of Trans-Neptunian Ice in Protoplanetary Disks
M. K. McClure, C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, E. Bergin, P. D'Alessio, D. M. Watson, P. Manoj, B. Sargent, & L. I. Cleeves,
2015, ApJ, 799, 162.

40. A Spectroscopic Census in Young Stellar Regions: the sigma Ori cluster
J. Hernandez, N. Calvet, A. Perez, C. Briceno, L. Olguin, M. E. Contreras, L. Hartmann, L. Allen, C. Espaillat, & R. Hernan,
2014, ApJ, 794, 36.

39. The evolution of accretion in young stellar objects: Strong accretors at 3 - 10 Myr
L. Ingleby, N. Calvet, J. Hernandez, C. Briceno, J. Miller, C. Espaillat, & M. McClure,
2014, ApJ, 790, 47.

38. Herschel evidence for disk flattening or gas depletion in transitional disks
J.T. Keane, I. Pascucci, C. Espaillat, P. Woitke, S. Andrews, I.Kamp, W.-F. Thi, G. Meeus, & W.R.F. Dent,
2014, ApJ, 787, 153.

37. CSI 2264: Simultaneous Optical and Infrared Light Curves of Young Disk-bearing Stars in NGC 2264 with CoRoT and Spitzer -- Evidence for Multiple Origins of Variability
A. M. Cody, J. Stauffer, A. Baglin, G. Micela, L. M. Rebull, E. Flaccomio, M. Morales-Calderon, S. Aigrain, J. Bouvier, L. A. Hillenbrand, R. Gutermuth, I. Song, N. Turner, S. H. P. Alencar, K. Zwintz, P. Plavchan, J. Carpenter, K. Findeisen, S. Carey, S. Terebey, L. Hartmann, N. Calvet, P. Teixeira, F. J. Vrba, S. Wolk, K. Covey, K. Poppenhaeger, H. M. Gunther, J. Forbrich, B. Whitney, L. Affer, W. Herbst, J. Hora, D. Barrado, J. Holtzman, F. Marchis, K. Wood, M. Medeiros Guimaraes, J. Lillo Box, E. Gillen, A. McQuillan, C. Espaillat, L. Allen, P. D'Alessio, & F. Favata,
2014, AJ, 147, 82.

36. Curved Walls: Grain Growth, Settling, and Composition Patterns in T Tauri Disk Dust Sublimation Fronts
M.K. McClure, P. D'Alessio, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, L. Hartmann, B. Sargent, D. M. Watson, L. Ingleby, & J. Hernandez,
2013, ApJ, 775, 114.

35. Hot Gas Lines in T Tauri Stars
D. R. Ardila, G. J. Herczeg, S. G. Gregory, L. Ingleby, K. France, A. Brown, S. Edwards, C. Johns-Krull, J. L. Linsky, H. Yang, J. A. Valenti, H. Abgrall, R. D. Alexander, E. Bergin, T. Bethell, J. M. Brown, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, L. A. Hillenbrand, G. Hussain, E. Roueff, E. R. Schindhelm, & F. M. Walter,
2013, ApJ, 207, 1.

34. Transitional Disks and Their Origins: An Infrared Spectroscopic Survey of Orion A
K. H. Kim, D. M. Watson, P. Manoj, W. J. Forrest, J. Najita, E. Furlan, B. Sargent, C. Espaillat, J. Muzerolle, S. T. Megeath, N. Calvet, J. D. Green, & L. Arnold,
2013, ApJ, 769, 149.

33. Characterizing the Stellar Photospheres and Near-infrared Excesses in Accreting T Tauri Systems
M. K. McClure, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, L. Hartmann, J. Hernandez, L. Ingleby, K. L. Luhman, P. D'Alessio, & B. Sargent,
2013, ApJ, 769, 73.

32. Resolving the Gap and AU-scale Asymmetries in the Pre-transitional Disk of V1247 Orionis
S. Kraus, M. J. Ireland, M. L. Sitko, J. D. Monnier, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, C. A. Grady, T. J. Harries, S. F. Honig, R. W. Russell, J. R. Swearingen, C. Werren, & D. J. Wilner,
2013, ApJ, 768, 80.

31. The Effect of Sublimation Temperature Dependencies on Disk Walls Around T Tauri Stars
E. Nagel, P. D'Alessio, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, & M.A. Trinidad,
2013, RMXAA, 49, 43.

30. Accretion Rates for T Tauri Stars Using Nearly Simultaneous Ultraviolet and Optical Spectra
L. Ingleby, N. Calvet, G. Herczeg, A. Blaty, F. Walter, D. Ardila, R. Alexander, S. Edwards, C. Espaillat, S. G. Gregory, L. Hillenbrand, & A. Brown,
2013, ApJ, 767, 112.

29. Probing Dynamical Processes in the Planet-forming Region with Dust Mineralogy
M. K. McClure, P. Manoj, N. Calvet, L. Adame, C. Espaillat, D. M. Watson, B. Sargent, W. J. Forrest, & P. D'Alessio,
2012, ApJL, 759, L10.

28. A Spitzer IRS Survey of NGC 1333: Insights into Disk Evolution from a Very Young Cluster
L. A. Arnold, D. M. Watson, K. H. Kim, P. Manoj, I. Remming, P. Sheehan, L. Adame, W. J. Forrest, E. Furlan, E. Mamajek, M. McClure, C. Espaillat, K. Ausfeld, and V. A. Rapson,
2012, ApJS, 201, 12.

27. Dust Filtration by Planet-induced Gap Edges: Implications for Transitional Disks
Z. Zhu, R. P. Nelson, R. Dong, C. Espaillat, & L. Hartmann,
2012, ApJ, 755, 6.

26. The Low-mass Stellar Population in L1641: Evidence for Environmental Dependence of the Stellar Initial Mass Function
W. H. Hsu, L. Hartmann, L. Allen, J. Hernandez, S. T. Megeath, G. Mosby, J. J. Tobin, & C. Espaillat,
2012, ApJ, 752, 59.

25. Mid-Infrared Variability of the Binary System CS Cha
E. Nagel, C. Espaillat, P. D'Alessio, & N. Calvet,
2012, ApJ, 747, 189.

24. The TW Hya Disk at 870 microns: Comparison of CO and Dust Radial Structures
S. M. Andrews, D. J. Wilner, A. M. Hughes, C. Qi, K. A. Rosenfeld, K. I. Oberg, T. Birnstiel, C. Espaillat, L. A. Cieza, J. P. Williams, S. Lin, & P. T. P. Ho,
2012, ApJ, 744, 162.

23. NUV Excess in Slowly Accreting T Tauri Stars: Limits Imposed by Chromospheric Emission
L. Ingleby, N. Calvet, E. Bergin, G. Herczeg, A. Brown, R. Alexander, S. Edwards, C. Espaillat, K. France, S. G. Gregory, L. Hillenbrand, E. Roueff, J. Valenti, F.Walter, C. Johns-Krull, J. Brown, J. Linsky, M. McClure, D. Ardila, H. Abgrall, T. Bethell, G. Hussain, & H. Yang,
2011, ApJ, 743, 105.

22. The Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Survey of T Tauri Stars in Taurus
E. Furlan, K. L. Luhman, C. Espaillat, P. DAlessio, L. Adame, P. Manoj, K. H. Kim, D. M. Watson, W. J. Forrest, M. K. McClure, N. Calvet, B. A. Sargent, J. D. Green, & W. J. Fischer,
2011, ApJS, 195, 3.

21. The Disk Imaging Survey of Chemistry with SMA. II. Southern Sky Protoplanetary Disk Data and Full Sample Statistics
K. I. Oberg, C. Qi, J. K. Fogel, E. A. Bergin, S. M. Andrews, C. Espaillat, D. J. Wilner, I. Pascucci & J. H. Kastner,
2011, ApJ, 734, 98.

20. The Far-ultraviolet Continuum in Protoplanetary Disk Systems. II. Carbon Monoxide Fourth Positive Emission and Absorption
K. France, E. Schindhelm, E. B. Burgh, G. J. Herczeg, G. M. Harper, A. Brown, J. C. Green, J. L. Linsky, H. Yang, H. Abgrall, D. R. Ardila, E. Bergin, T. Bethell, J. M. Brown, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, S. G. Gregory, L. A. Hillenbrand, G. Hussain, L. Ingleby, C. M. Johns-Krull, E. Roueff, J. A. Valenti, & F. M. Walter,
2011, ApJ, 734, 31.

19. Resolved Images of Large Cavities in Protoplanetary Transition Disks
S. Andrews, D. J. Wilner, C. Espaillat, A. M. Hughes, C. P. Dullemond, M. K. McClure, C. Qi, & J. M. Brown,
2011, ApJ, 732, 42.

18. Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Survey of Young Stars in the Chamaeleon I Star-forming Region
P. Manoj, K. H. Kim, E. Furlan, M. K. McClure, K. Luhman, D. M. Watson, C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, J. Najita, P. DAlessio, B. Sargent, W. Forrest, J. Green, & L. Arnold,
2011, ApJS, 193, 11.

17. Evolution of X-ray and FUV Disk-Dispersing Radiation Fields
L. Ingleby, N. Calvet, J. Hernandez, C. Briceno, C. Espaillat, J. Miller, E. Bergin, & L. Hartmann,
2011, AJ, 141, 127.

16. Transitional and Pre-Transitional Disks: Gap Opening by Multiple Planets?
Z. Zhu, R. P. Nelson, L. Hartmann, C. Espaillat, & N. Calvet,
2011, ApJ, 729, 47.

15. The Disk Imaging Survey of Chemistry with SMA. I. Taurus Protoplanetary Disk Data
K. I. Oberg, C. Qi, J. K. Fogel, E. A. Bergin, S. M. Andrews, C. Espaillat, T. A. van Kempen, D. J. Wilner, & I. Pascucci,
2010, ApJ, 720, 480.

14. The Evolutionary State of the Pre-main Sequence Population in Ophiuchus: A Large Infrared Spectrograph Survey
M. K. McClure, E. Furlan, P. Manoj, K. L. Luhman, D. M. Watson, W. J. Forrest, C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, P. DAlessio, B. Sargent, J. J. Tobin, & H. F. Chiang,
2010, ApJS, 188, 75.

13. Truncated Disks in TW Hya Association Multiple Star Systems
S. M. Andrews, I. Czekala, D. J. Wilner, C. Espaillat, C. P. Dullemond, & A. M. Hughes,
2010, ApJ, 710, 462.

12. The Disk Population of the Taurus Star-Forming Region
K. L. Luhman, P. R. Allen, C. Espaillat, L. Hartmann, & N. Calvet,
2010, ApJS, 186, 111.

11. Wall Emission in Circumbinary Disks: the Case of Coku Tau/4
E. Nagel, P. DAlessio, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, B. Sargent, J. Hernandez, & W. J. Forrest,
2010, ApJ, 708, 38.

10. Far-Ultraviolet H2 Emission from Circumstellar Disks
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9. Disk Evolution in the Three Nearby Star-forming Regions of Taurus, Chamaeleon, and Ophiuchus
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2009, ApJ, 703, 1964.

8. Mid-Infrared Spectra of Transitional Disks in the Chamaeleon I Cloud
K. H. Kim, D. M. Watson, P. Manoj, E. Furlan, J. Najita, W. J. Forrest, B. Sargent, C. Espaillat, N. Calvet, K. L. Luhman, M. K. McClure, J. D. Green, & S. T. Harrold,
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7. A Spatially Resolved Inner Hole in the Disk Around GM Aurigae
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6. The Differential Rotation of FU Ori
Z. Zhu, C. Espaillat, K. Hinkle, J. Hernandez, L. Hartmann, & N. Calvet,
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5. A Sub-AU Outwardly Truncated Accretion Disk around a Classical T Tauri Star
M. K. McClure, W. J. Forrest, B. A. Sargent, D. M. Watson, E. Furlan, P. Manoj, K. L. Luhman, N. Calvet, C. Espaillat, P. DAlessio, L. Hartmann, C. Tayrien, & S.T. Harrold,
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4. Observations of Disks around Brown Dwarfs in the TW Hydra Association with the Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph
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3. A 2 Hour Quasi Period in an Ultraluminous X-Ray Source in NGC 628
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2. GRB 021004: A Possible Shell Nebula around a Wolf-Rayet Star Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor
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1. Superhumps in Cataclysmic Binaries. XXI. HP Librae (=EC 15330-1403)
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