The Buston Lab


The Buston Lab, in conjunction with an international network of collaborators, grapples with questions at the frontiers of behavioral ecology, population ecology and marine ecology.

Most broadly, we are interested in the ecology, evolution and behavior of marine animals.  To date, our research has focused on cooperation, conflict and negotiations in animal societies.  Currently, we are beginning a new line of research, focused on larval dispersal and population connectivity in marine fishes.

Our research combines long-term observations of marked populations in their natural habitat, with experimental manipulations, mathematical modeling and molecular genetics.  We use a hypothesis driven approach to address fundamental questions at the interface of individual behavior, population ecology and evolutionary biology.

We welcome inquiries from undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs interested in joining us to pursue independent or collaborative research in the lab.

Pete Buston

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology and Marine Program

Boston University

5 Cummington Mall

Boston, MA 02215


Tel: 617 358 5412                                                             

                                                                                           Last updated September 2013


Behavioral Ecology, Population Ecology, Marine Ecology