Dissertations Directed

Jung Hee Park, DMA, 2008
“A performers perspective: A performance history and analysis of Sergei Prokofiev’s
Ten Piano Pieces, Op. 12”
First Reader

Christina Heizmann, MM, 2010
“Schenkerian Analysis and Album Des 6: A Methodology and Critical Analysis”
First Reader

Jee-Hyun Kim, DMA, 2011
“An introduction to Sir Arthur Bliss’s solo vocal works for the soprano voice: An interpretive approach”
First reader

Stefano Graziano, Ph.D., 2011
"From Language to Music: Mapping the History of the Italian Lute Vocabulary"
Third Reader

Andrew Shryock, Ph.D., 2011
"Handel and the Sublime: Crafting Librettos, Composing Oratorios, and Transfixing Audiences in Eighteenth-Century England"
Third Reader