From left to Right: Karan Assudani (CAS '13), Prady Tewarie (CAS '13), Akshata Sahasrabudhe
(CAS '13), Pooja Sahani (SMG '14), Ridhima Sharma (CAS '12), Pratik Desai (CAS '12), Roshni Singh (SAR '14), Meena Sivaraman (CAS '12), Namank Shah (CAS '14), Amit Persaud (CAS '14)

HSC E-Board 2011-2012

BU HSC's Executive Board consists of a tight-knit group of students who are committed to upholding Hindu values and spreading awareness of Hinduism throughout Boston University and the surrounding community. HSC E-board members serve as a resource for students on campus, liaise with various Boston University administrators and officials, and represent the Hindu population of BU. The HSC E-board frequently collaborates with other university departments and organizations in order to successfully execute the numerous events that it organizes throughout the year. If you have any questions about HSC at BU, or if you are looking for ways to get more involved, please free to email us at