Our Mission

The Boston University Hindu Students Council (BU HSC) aims to promote awareness of the Hindu culture and to foster a greater understanding of Hindu heritage among the Boston University community. BU HSC works to cultivate knowledge about the universal ideals of Hindu Dharma, which include the journey towards self-realization and the pursuit of excellence. BU HSC continuously strives to contribute in enriching and adding value to the lives of students studying at Boston University by raising awareness about social, political and religious issues affecting Hindus, by serving those less fortunate in society, and by providing a platform upon which students and members of the larger community can freely practice, discuss, and learn more about religion and spirituality. Additionally, BU HSC works to promote multi-religious harmony in order to strengthen interfaith ties within Boston University's religious community.

The Hindu Students Council (HSC) is an international forum that provides opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage through nationwide campus study groups, classes and symposia, seminars, lectures, and workshops, conferences and camps, leadership workshops, publication and distribution of literature, and various projects including collaboration with other campus and community organizations. HSC represents the first and only North American and international attempt by students and young professionals to explore, discover & experience the immense treasures, knowledge, and wisdom of the Hindu culture.

Boston University's chapter of the Hindu Students Council was founded in 1995 by several enthusiastic students, including Jayen Patel, Mona Bhatt, Deepti Nair, Rohit Khosla and Poornima Kairmana, among others. From its outset, BU HSC has established itself as one of the largest and most active Hindu organizations in the country. BU HSC has organized countless initiatives to promote Hinduism on campus and in the larger community by hosting regional conferences and retreats, publishing a scholastic journal as well as a prayer book now used around the country, participating in community service events around New England, engaging distinguished speakers to lead discussions about Hinduism, and celebrating major Hindu festivals. In addition, BU HSC serves both as a forum for students and other individuals to voice their concerns about issues affecting the Hindu community at Boston University, as well as a platform upon which to practice their religious and spiritual beliefs.