Books on iPod

In my previous life as a special education teacher, I often made use of Books-on-Tape services. For certain kids the service made a big difference in their ability to keep up with their courseload. Given that many kids have iPods or other mp3 devices, LibriVox may be great help. LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and then share the recordings as audio files on the web. Students and teachers can download the growing list of titles for free.

An Online Word Processor

Writely is one of several new online word processors. Writely allows you to create a document, save it online and access it from any browser (no Safari yet). You can also save the document to your hard drive as a Word document. Authors can also allow other writely users to edit the document. I see this as potentially a great tool for the classroom. Students can move documents back and forth from home, work on collaborative projects, and allow teacher proofs and edits without printing. Keep an eye on these new web based tools. (Who needs Office?)