A nice collection of helpful articles can be found at The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. From San Diego State University.
You can preview a fairly good collection of "Edutainment" software from Scholastic at Downloads2Go.During the trial period you get a fully functioning copy of the program.


The Number Devil is a CD program for upper elementary students. Based on the book of the same name by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, the Number Devil presents advanced number concepts as beautiful and fun puzzles. A great supplement to the book and strong enough to stand on it's own. From


Winged Sandals is a wonderful series of animated stories and games about Greek Mythology. The site was created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the University of Melbourne.


You can create your own slightly whacky personal icon at Abi-Station.


Fly Guy

Fly Guy
Originally uploaded by bthom2000.
While this may not be educational, it is another great example of what can be done with Flash. A beautiful animation.