Bradford playing

(Photo courtesy Maohai Huang)

    Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed listening to and playing music. A vicious rumor in my family reports that I used to entertain them as a baby by dancing to Hawaiian music in my diapers.  I played various instruments in my youth: trumpet, string bass, and others. I always seemed to be in a chorus. In high school I fell in love with the piano, and discovered that I seemed to have a fairly natural ability.   Although a professional career didn't suit me, I still love music and practice regularly.
    My wife Cindy also works here at BU and plays the oboe and piano. We enjoy playing music together in various combinations - piano four-hands, piano-oboe, and two piano.   With the generous assistance of many others, my wife and I have organized an annual series of classical concerts. These concerts take place each spring and feature members of our extended family. We affectionately refer to the concerts as MADs (Musicians from the Astronomy Department); here are the programs to date: 

      Harlan Spence and others have taken photos of some of our concerts which you can find here.   I've also placed a few photos on my Picasa photos page:

      The next Soiree (the twenty-fourth) will be held on Friday, March 21, 2014 beginning at 7:00 pm, in the Tsai Performance Center.

      I have created some CD-ROMs of concert highlights, and as a result I have audio files of some of our performances. Here's a link to a page listing a few of our performances.

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