Adam of Saint-Victor



VII Sequence on John the Evangelist



ad festivum:
ad votivum
Joannis praeconium;
Sic versetur laus in ore,
Ne fraudetur
cor sapore
Quo degustet gaudium.

Let us give thanks

at the holiday,

let us rejoice

at the longed-for

proclamation of John;

Thus let praise

pour forth from the mouth,

so that the heart may not be

robbed of the flavor

by means of which it may taste joy.


Hic est Christi praedilectus:
Qui reclinans supra pectus
Hausit sapientiam;
[10] Huic in cruce commendavit
Christus matrem, hic servavit
Virgo viri nesciam.

He is Christís favorite, reclining upon whose breast

he drank wisdom; Christ on the cross commended

his mother to him, who, a virgin,

protected her whom no man had touched.

Intus ardens charitate,
Foris lucens purtate,
[15] Signis et eloquio,
Ut ab aestu criminali,
Sic immunis a poenali,
Prodiit ex dolio.

Burning inwardly with love,

shining outwardly with purity,

and famous for his eloquence,

so that he escaped safely

from sinful passion,

from the penal vessel.


Vim veneni superavit,
[20] Morti, morbis imperavit
Necnon et daemonibus;
Sed vir tantae potestatis
Non minoris pietatis
Erat tribulantibus.

He overcome the power of poison,

he had power over death

and devils as well;

but a man of such power

did not behave with less piety

among the oppressed

[25] Cum gemmarum partes fractas
Solidasset, has distractas
Tribuit pauperibus;
Inexhaustum fert thesaurum
Qui de virgis fecit aurum,
[30] Gemmas de lapidibus.

He collected the broken pieces

of jewels, gave the pieces

to the poor;

he who has made gold out of branches,

gems out of stones,

carries an inexhaustible treasure.


Invitatur ab amico
Convivari Christum dico
Visum cum discipulis;
De sepulcro, quo descendit,
[35] Redit vivus; sic ascendit,
Frui summis epulis.

He was invited to dine

with his friend Christ,

who was not seen by the disciples;

from the tomb into which he descends

he returns alive; thus he ascends

to enjoy the loftiest meals.

Testem habes populum,
Imo, si vis, oculum,
Quod ad ejus tumulum
[40] Manna scatet, epulum
De Christi convivio.
Scribens Evangelium
Aquilae fert proprium,
Cernens solis radium
[45] Scilicet principium,
Verbum in principio.

You have the people as witness,

as well as, if you wish, the eye,

that manna, food for

Christís banquet,

flows at his tomb.

When he wrote the gospel

he wore the eagleís power,

discerning the ray of the sun,

indeed the beginning,

the word that was in the beginning.

Hujus signis est conversa
Gens gentilis, gens perversa
Gens totius Asiae;
[50] Hujus scriptis illustratur,
Illustrata solidatur
Unitas Ecclesiae.

By his miracles the pagans,

perverse people, the entire people of Asia

were converted;

the unity of the church

was clearly shown and confirmed

by his writings.


Salve salvi vas pudoris,
Vas coelestis plenum roris,
[55] Mundum intus, clarum foris.
Nobile per omnia;
Fac nos sequi sanctitatem,
Fac per mentis puritatem
Contemplari Trinitatem
[60] Unam substantia.

Hail, vessel of redeeming modesty,

vessel filled with celestial dew,

pure without, bright within,

noble in all things;

compel us to follow virtue,

make us, through purity of mind,

contemplate the single

substance of the trinity.