Modern English

Larry Breiner(audio only) All poems read by the author.

"Cat Scan"
"Love's Geography"
"Travel, Things We Wish We Could Say"
"True Love"

Richard Crashaw (audio only)

"A Hymn to the Name and Honor of the Admirable Saint Teresa" (read by Bruce Redford)
"To the Noblest and Best of Ladies, the Countess of Denbigh . . ." (read by Bruce Redford)


Aaron Fogel

"The Printer's Error,"
The Riddle of Flat Circles,"
"The Man Who Never Heard of Frank Sinatra,"
"The Name of the Satellite,"
"Dictionary Jazz,"
"A Check,"
"Orange and Green" (read by the author).

David Green
(audio only)

Excerpt from the short story, "The Reader" by David Green, published in Salt Hill 9, Winter 2001.


A.E. Housman

(audio only)

"I To My Perils" (read by Christopher Ricks)
"Because I Liked You Better . . ." (read by Christopher Ricks)
"Here Dead Lie We Because We Did Not Choose" (read by Christopher Ricks)


Ted Richer

(audio only) All poems read by the author.

"The Essentials"


William Shakespeare Sonnets, read by Ryan Asmussen,

Sonnet 18
Sonnet 29
Sonnet 116


Duy Doan (all poems read by the author)

A Filial Chord
Chores for the Oldest Daughter
First Things First (by W.H. Auden)
The Cowboy