Over the course of my 10 years as Audio Supervisor of the Huntington Theatre Co., I oversaw significant improvements to the sound system at the Boston University Theatre. The set of drawings shown here illustrate the point it has reached as of the 2006-7 season of the Huntington Theatre Co.

The following two plates show the space and the current loudspeaker plot:

The next two plates are, respectively, output and input functional schematics:

In the summer of 2003 we installed new wiring for the intercomm, page, and program monitor systems:

This plate is a plot of multicables in the system:

In the summer of 2004 we installed our own CAT5 network for control of the Matrix-3 system as well as distribution, using video baluns, of video shots used to allow Stage Managers to see onstage in blackouts as well as for Motion Control Operators to see onstage for safety purposes and to distribute conductor shots during opera and musical theatre productions:

And finally, amp rack drawings.

I have yet to draw a power plot, which changed 4 years ago when we finally got our own power feed with a 100 amp three phase transformer isolated panel. All power circuits are single ended, virtually eliminating ground loops and significantly reducing the noise floor of the system.