A Fair Country First Transition

A Fair Country begins in present day Mexico, with a young man alone on stage at an architectural dig. We find out that he is the son of a white South African diplomat, and fled his family after his father betrayed his African anti-apartheid friends. The first transition is both a change in location, from the architectural dig in Mexico to the family home in Durban, So. Africa, as well as in time, to ten years or so previous.

In the Huntington production, Mexico was downstage of the plaster line, the young man sitting on the edge of the stage and miming digging. For the transition to Durban, the scrim rose, and 3 units rotated together to form the house, and a fireplace and chimney unit flew into place completing the change. This sound cue accompanied this transition, each part of the cue working with the scene change actions onstage leaving us with the last vocal as the actors entered for the second scene.