Sound Designs, Aural Traditions

Benjamin Emerson

Theatrical Sound Designer

I am a Sound Designer/Engineer living in the Boston area.

My artistic inspirations range from the hectic and sonorous life of Boston to the serene and quiet power of the Maine Coast. It is a simple reality that living at the speed of modern life we miss much of its beauty and artistic power.

Sound, to me, is an artistic medium that reaches us inwardly, emotionally, in a manner unique and little appreciated by most people. We are all conscious of the music we listen to, most of us are at least aware of the way our world sounds, and may be able to tell when it isn't sounding the way we believe it's supposed to. But beneath the surface is a palate rich in emotional cues that we perceive barely consciously. Tone of voice, for example, adds emotional context to what we say, and a composer's choices- rhythmic, melodic, and tonal- all provide a wash that fills us with deeply felt emotions

But beyond such relatively obvious ways in which sound speaks to our emotions are great depths which open up to us as we begin to...listen.

As a Sound Artist, I feel compelled to listen with greater attention to the concert that is the world, and seek ways to bring its timbres to life, as well as to discover new timbres, both within the natural world (and I include all things human in this) and through the myriad tools, including the exciting new ones that have come to us through the development of the personal computer.

From this page you will find links to my resume and examples of my work, and eventually some example of Power Point presentations I've created as teaching tools. In addition there will be some pages about my family and my home away from home in Penobscot Bay on the coast of Maine.


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