You learned earlier that a computer has electronic and mechanical parts known as hardware.
Hardware also includes input devices, output devices, system unit, storage devices and
communication devices. Without these components we would not be able to use the computer.

Input Devices - An input device is any hardware component that allows you the user to enter data into the computer.
There are many input devices. Six of the most widely used input devices are:

1. A keyboard -- You use the keyboard to type letters,
numbers,and symbols into the computer.

2. A Mouse --The mouse is a pointing device that has a pointer
that changes into different shapes as you use the mouse.
You click the mouse by pressing and releasing the button.
This action allows you to enter data when using a mouse.

3. A Scanner -- This input device copies from paper into your computer.

4 . A Microphone -- The microphone is usually used for voice input into the computer.

5. A Digital Camer -- The digital camera allows you to take pictures that you can input into your computer.

6. A PC Video Camera -- The PC video camera allows you take both video
and still images that you can input onto your computer.

Output Devices An output device is any hardware component that gives information to the user.
Three commonly used output devices are as follow:

1. A Monitor -- This output device displays your information on a screen,

2. A Printer -- This output device prints information on paper.
This type of printed output is called a hard copy

3.A Speaker -- Sound is the type of output you will get from a speaker.

The other main computer hardware we need to examine is the system unit

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