Barbone Academic Interests
My teaching and research falls under the broad umbrellas of Applied Mechanics and Theoretical Acoustics. I design and analyze engineering tools that solve mathematical descriptions of the laws of mechanics, in order to better understand the world around us.

Research Interests
My research work may be categorized into several areas. There is naturally some overlap between them. For example, some multiple scales and computational mechanics work is dedicated to applications in acoustics or biomechanical imaging. The areas are listed below. The links will bring you to a description of the work, with lists of published articles relevant to each section.

Biomechanical Imaging [22 articles]
Elastography; Breast ultrasound; Imaging breast cancer; Quantitative elasticity imaging; Hyperelasticity imaging; Poroelastic imaging.

Inverse Problems [25 articles]
Well-posedness of inverse elasticity problems; computational solution; inverse scattering; inverse potential problems; imaging.

Computational Mechanics [28 articles]
Adjoint weighted variational equation for advection equations, inverse potential, and inverse elasticity problems; Stabilized finite element formulations for inverse problems; Optimal finite element discretizations; Hybrid asymptotic-numerical methods for multiscale problems; Time dependent Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps.

Acoustics & Ultrasonics [47 articles]
Short wave asymptotics, infinitely complicated structures, structural acoustics, diffraction problems, scattering, acoustical imaging, nondestructive evaluation, composites, laminated media, piezoelectric media.

Multiple Scales Problems [17 articles]
Vibration of infinitely complicated structures, effective medium theories, hybrid asymptotic-numerics methods.

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