BU Ballroom Dance


Dancing with the Professors

Your Vote Matters

Coming this Spring

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Metcalf Ballroom
George Sherman Union Building
775 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

The event is modeled after the popular TV series Dancing with the Stars. Professors from various disciplines within BU train for several weeks with one student from the ballroom dance team. During the show the audience gets to vote for their favorite couple.

BU's Best Dancing Professor 2012, Paul Lipton

Category Winners
Latin/Rhythm - Chris Antonellis
Standard/Smooth - Daniel Doa

Previous Participants

Lynn Bonesteel- CELOP,
Chris Antonellis- CELOP,
Daniel Doa- CFA Viola,
Eddie Downes- COM Public Relations,
Paul Lipton- CAS Neuroscience,
Chuanhua Duan- ENG Mechanical Engineering,
Chris Baron- SED Social Studies Education,
Laura Giannitrapani- CFA Visual Arts
Judith Chaffee - CFA Movement,
Dino P. Christenson - CAS Political Science,
Mariko Henstock - CAS Japanese,
Veronica McComb - CAS Writing,
Elizabeth Mehren - COM Journalism,
Erol Pekz - SMG Operations Management,
Leonid Reyzin - CAS Computer Science

Find all the videos here.