Ben Lawson

A student in computer science

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Computer Science

I am currently a BA/MS candidate at Boston University in the computer science department, working with Evimaria Terzi. My coursework includes data structures, algorithms, computer systems, data science, data mining. Computer vision and pattern recognition interests me, and I've enjoyed working on projects at the Neuromorphics Lab and Systems and Technology Research. I enjoy competing in hackathons and at AngelHack Boston my team won two "Best Use of sponsor's' API" prizes.


I restarted TEDxBU at Boston University. I worked with Salma Yehia curating speakers and recruiting students to plan and volunteer. We created an event that focused on helping the audience find their sparks. By inviting speakers that generally had a special connection to Boston University, we were able to create an environment that helped spark deep conversations. Although this event is one of the most mental draining tasks I am involved with, the ability to make people happy - either through their participation during the event or the conversations it sparks afterwards - is worth all the sleepless nights and countless dedicated hours.

Campaign Finance Reform.

As part of the non-profit, Represent.Us, I volunteer to stop political corruption. In order to clean up our government, we need to first make it worthwhile for politicians to listen to the people and NOT their donors. As part of the local chapter, Represent Boston, we are currently working with Cambridge City Councilmen to pass local laws that reflect the same ideas seen in the national sample anti-corruption legislation, the American Anti-Corruption Act. During the summer of 2014, I helped collect signatures for a non-binding public policy question (ballot initiative) that passed with over 70% percent.

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When I talk to you, I always get to know about different things and are one of the few people ... (who) know about the sport I love (cricket).

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