MA 120: Mathematical Modeling for Personal Finance


The following sections are currently scheduled for MA120:

Spring Semester 2014: MA120 B1, Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-5:00pm

Past Semesters

The idea for MA120 began as financial literacy class in the Department of Economics. EC171: Personal Life-Cycle Economics, was developed by Aaron Stevens (CAS/Computer Science), Larry Kotlikoff (CAS/Economics), and Zvi Bodie (SMG/Finance), and ran for 11 semesters from the Fall of 2009 through the Fall of 2013.

As the EC171 course evolved, what started as a class about financial literacy and applied economics became a course in quantitative reasoning and financial modeling using spreadsheets. The move to the Department of Mathematics reflects the applied mathematics nature of the course materials and content. MA120 is a Math/CS Divisional Studies course within the College of Arts and Sciences.