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Date Class # Subject Readings Assignment
Part 1: When will I be wealthy? How to start thinking about your financial life.    
TUE 9/6 1 Course Overview and Administration
Measuring Financial Health
FE, chapters 1.1-1.3
THU 9/8 2 The Lifecycle Model of Saving and Consumption ME, ch2.1, pp37-39 HW1: Your Human Capital, due 9/13
TUE 9/13 3 Human Capital Wikipedia: Scarcity
Wikipedia: Supply and Demand
THU 9/15 4 Thinking in Present Value
Example: examples 0915.xls
FE, ch 4
Excel Tutorial Videos:
Spreadsheet Basics
Editing Data, Formatting
HW2: Present and Future Values, due 9/20
TUE 9/20 QUIZ 1
Part 2: Allocate Your Resources Over Time    
TUE 9/20 5 Inflation and Inflation Protection FE, ch 4
THU 9/22 6 Consumption Smoothing
Example: cons-smooth-no taxes starter.xls
Example: cons-smooth-no taxes.xls
STTE, ch 1-2
ME, ch2.1, pp37-39
TUE 9/27 7 Calculating Payments
Example: pmt examples.xls
FE, ch 4
HW3: Calculating Payments, due 10/4
TUE 10/4 8 A Revised Lifetime Budget Constraint
Borrowing to Smooth Consumption
Calculating Smooth Annual Consumption

Example: consumption-smoothing-PV.xls
ME, ch2.1, pp37-39
THU 10/6 9 Building a Lifecycle Model in Excel FE, ch 4
BallPark Estimate
Excel Tutorials
HW4: Ballpark Estimate, due 10/12 @ 11:59pm
(revised date)
TUE 10/11   QUIZ 2    
Part 3: Economics is here to help you! (some heavy lifting tools)    
TUE 10/11 10 Dealing With Uncle Sam Wikipedia: taxation in USA
TFB: What is your marginal tax rate?
THU 10/13 11 Smoothing Consumption
in a World With Taxes

Example: cons-smooth-with taxes.xls [starter spreadsheet]
Example: cons-smooth-with taxes-complete.xls [complete spreadsheet]
TUE 10/18 12 Introduce Economic Security Planner
STTE: ch 3, 5, 6, 8 HW5: Financial Plan, due 10/25
THU 10/20 13 Smoothing Consumption under Borrowing Constraints
TUE 10/25 14 QUIZ 3
Date Class # Subject Readings Assignment
Part 4: Applied Lifecycle Economics    
TUE 10/25 15 Introducing Applied Lifecycle Economics Term Paper Assigned, due 11/17
THU 10/27 16 Should You Go to College?
Should You Stay In College?
What to advise your sibling/cousin
about the economics of college
Debt-Free U, Ch 1-4 HW6: Is College Worth It
TUE 11/1 17 Where Should You Live?
How To Buy Your House
HW7: Where to Live, due 11/3
THU 11/3 18 Why You Should Own Your House
TUE 11/8 Should You Get Married?
Should You Get Divorced?
THU 11/10 19 QUIZ 4
Part 5: Wealth and Risk Management    
THU 11/10 20 Risk and Risk Management
Protecting Your Human Capital
STTE, ch 32
TUE 11/15 21 Saving for Retirement STTE, ch 17, 18, 19 HW8: Valuing Social Security, due 11/22
THU 11/17 22 How Not To Invest In Stocks TBA Term Paper Due
TUE 11/29 23 Stocks for the Long Run STTE, ch 21, 22
THU 12/1 24 The Truth About Stocks STTE ch 31, WFI, ch 7, 8
Myth of Time Diversification
Watch Zvi Bodie's videos.
TUE 12/6   QUIZ 5    
Part 6: The Rest Of Your Economic Life    
TUE 12/6 24 Where to Stash Your Cash
Who Should You Ask for Help
Check out:,
THU 12/8 25 Discussion/Exam Review
WED 12/21 EXAM EC171 Exam 12/21 9-11am @ GCB 209