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Date Class Subject Readings Assignment
Part 1: When will I be wealthy? How to start thinking about your financial life.
TUE 9/7 1 Course Overview and Administration
What is Financial Health?
FE, chapters 1.1-1.3  
On Your Own: Income, Wealth, and Borrowing
Survey of Consumer Finances  
TUE 9/14 2 Human Capital   HW1: Your Human Capital (due FRI 9/17)
THU 9/16 3 Consumption Smoothing
Example: consumption smoothing - no taxes.xls
STTE, ch 1-2
ME, ch2.1, pp37-39
TUE 9/21 4 Maximizing Economic Happiness ME, ch2.1, pp41-44  
THU 9/23   QUIZ 1    
Date Class Subject Readings Assignment
Part 2: A background in financial math, and instruments for building wealth.
THU 9/23 5 Present and Future Values

Example: pv fv example.xls
Example: free car for life.xls

FE, ch 4 HW2: PV and FV Calculations
due THURSDAY 9/30
TUE 9/28 6 Inflation and Inflation Protection FE, ch 4  
THU 9/30 7 Calculating Payments

Example: perpetuity.xls
Example: lottery win - annuity.xls
Example: car loan.xls
Example: credit card payments.xls

FE, ch 4 HW3: PV and PMT Calculations
due TUESDAY 10/5
TUE 10/5 8 Your Life as a Net Present Value
Example: lease or buy.xls
Example: npv consumption smoothing.xls
THU 10/7   QUIZ 2    
Date Class Subject Readings Assignment
Part 3: Heavy lifting tools: economics is here to help you.
THU 10/7 9 Building a Financial Model in Excel Ballpark estimate HW4: Ballpark Estimate
due THURSDAY 10/15
Sample solution
THU 10/14 10 Dealing With Uncle Sam TFB: What is your marginal tax rate?
Wikipedia: taxation in USA
TUE 10/19 11 Smoothing Consumption in a World With Taxes
Example: cons-smooth-with taxes.xls
(to get started)
Example: cons-smooth-with taxes-complete.xls
THU 10/21 12 Introduce Economic Security Planner
STTE: ch 3, 5, 6, 8 HW5: Financial Plan
due THURSDAY 10/28
TUE 10/26 13 Smoothing Consumption
under Borowing Constraints
STTE ch 7  
THU 10/28   QUIZ 3    
Date Class Subject Readings Assignment
Part 4: Answering life's financial questions.
THU 10/28 14 Should You Stay In College? STTE, ch 9, 10
Government Vaslty Undercounts Defaults
HW6: College Choice
due Tuesday 11/3
TUE 11/2 15 How Should You Pay For College?  
THU 11/4 16 Where Should You Live?
Which Job Should You Take?
STTE, ch 11, 12  
TUE 11/9 17 Should You Rent or Buy?
mortgage amortization.xls
STTE, ch 13, 14 HW7: Where to Live
(due 11/11)
THU 11/11 18 Should You Get Married?
STTE, ch 25, 26, 27 Term Paper Assigned
(due 12/2)
TUE 11/16   QUIZ 4    
Date Class Subject Readings Assignment
Part 5: Wealth and Risk Management
TUE 11/16 19 What is Risk?
Risk management techniques
STTE, ch 32
THU 11/18 20 Saving for Retirement
STTE, ch 17,18,19
Get a bigger check from social security
HW8: Valuing Social Security
due 11/23
TUE 11/23 21 Protecting Your Human Capital
TUE 11/30 22 Stocks for the Long Run
STTE, ch 21, 22  
THU 12/2 23 The Truth About Stocks
Example: Spreadsheet with simulation
STTE ch 31,
WFI ch 6, 7
TUE 12/7 22 QUIZ 5    
Part 6: What do I do with my paycheck?
TUE 12/7 24 Discussion    
THU 12/9 25 How to Start your Savings Plan
Where to Stash Your Cash
Who Should You Ask for Help
THU 12/16   EC171 Exam THU 12/16 9-11am