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CS 111: Introduction to Computer Science, Summer 2006
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Thu 6 July General Java syntax, Standard output
Mon 10 July Standard output
Variables, data types, constants
Assignment statements
Tue 11 July Casting
Using pre-defined classes, calling methods.
Math and Scanner class
Wed 12 July Introduction to Graphics (coordinates, drawing, basic Colors)
Calling methods
Passing arguments to method calls [some code to get us started] (the drawing I did in class)
Thu 25 May Object reference variables.
Object creation using new.
Using constructors.
String object references
Mon 17 July Accessor and Mutator methods.
Static methods, static member data.
Factory methods for object creation.
Tue 18 July Expressions, selection using if statements.
Wed 19 July Selection: continued
Comparing floating point numbers,
comparing objects (e.g. String),
Switch statements
Thu 20 July Repetition using while loops.
Sentinel-controlled repetition.
Counter-controlled repetition.
Mon 24 July Repetition using do-while loops.
Repetition using for loops
Compound interest example [updated with do-while loop]
Tue 25 July User-defined classes, member variables, methods
Wed 26 July User-defined classes: constructors, methods
Constant class member data (static & final keywords)
Parameter passing and return values [some starter code] [to pause the animation] [my screen saver]
Thu 27 July User-defined classes:
toString, equals methods
Mon 31 July Introducing arrays
Array indicies, operations.
Tue 1 August
Review of arrays, lab08 revisited
Copying arrays, shallow vs deep copy
Arrays of Objects
Wed 2 August
Introducing Multidimensional Arrays [some starter code] [my implementation]
Thu 3 August Inheritance, class hierarchies
Constructor chaining, overridden methods
Mon 7 August Access-modifiers revisted (public, protected, private)
Abstract classes and methods
Tue 8 August Interfaces
Wed 9 August Exceptions, handling in try-catch
File Input/Output

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