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CS 111: Introduction to Computer Science, Summer 2005
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Class meetings: Mon, Tues, Weds, and Thurs 10 am 12 pm @ CS teaching lab (EMA 304) PHO 201
Lab meetings: Mondays, 12-1pm @ CS teaching lab (EMA 304)
Aaron Stevens, Instructor
Office: PSY 228B (enter at 64 Cummington St., behind Warren Towers).
Office hours: Tues & Thurs 9-10 am; after class by appointment.
Email: Always include "CS111" in the subject.
AOL IM: azsteven  [link works in Netscape/Mozilla only -- sorry!]
MSN Messenger:
Alexandra Stefan, Teaching Fellow
Office: MCS 178
Tutoring hours: Mon 1-3pm & Weds 3-5pm @ Undergrad CS lab.
Email: Always include CS111 in the subject

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8/4/05: Reminder: HW8 (Minesweeper) is due tonight. HW9 is now posted in the usual location, due Monday night. Finally, here's a fabulous tool for commenting your code:
7/5/05: The first CS111 lab will be held WEDNESDAY AT 9 AM @ the CS teaching lab (EMA 304) *. The lab is located in the Engineering Annex Building (a.k.a. Radio Shack building). There are doors on St. Mary's St. (near Photonics building), and Comm. Ave (near Espresso Royale).

* Remember that you need to get your CS account (different from BU acct) set up BEFORE TOMORROW morning. To get the CS account, you will need to have your BU ID and BU ACS (e.g. email) account **, and then go to the CS lab, follow the instructions to create a CS UNIX ACCOUNT, show your ID to the lab attendant, come back at least an hour later, log in, and read your CS email account for instructions on how to log into your WINDOWS account. The lab is open tonight until 8pm, but not until 9 am tomorrow.

** If you do not have a BU ACS account, you will need to go to 111 Cummington St. (behind Warren Towers) to the Information Technology office. It will take 6 hours after your visit to get this account set up, and you need to do this before going to the CS lab.

AFTER THE LAB: We will remain in EMA 304 for class. We will plan to meet in EMA 304 for the rest of the summer session, and if there's any change I'll let you know by email/post on class web page.

7/5/05: Welcome to CS111, Intro to Computer Science with Java, which begins on Tuesday May 24th. I am your instructor -- please call me Aaron!
Please visit the bookstore and get a copy of "Java 5 Illuminated" and start reading the first chapter over the weekend
On Tuesday, we will meet at PHO 201 and have a discussion of the introductory material, and then walk over to the undergrad CS lab to get everyone set up with user accounts and get you familiarized with the tools we will be using this summer.

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Last update: 4 August 2005