Class Meetings

Class meetings: Section A1
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:00am - 10:00am @ PSY B53
Lab meetings @ CS teaching lab (EMA 304):
Section A2 Thu 9:30am - 11:00am


5/17/10: CS108 is now complete, thanks for a great semester!
Final grades have been posted and released.

If you have concerns about your exam score, we can discuss it during my office hours in summer term or even during the fall semester. Lack of planning on your behalf does not constitute an emergency on my behalf.
Here is the final grade distribution:

4/7/2011: Semester-to-date grades have been posted. You can view yours by logging into websubmit.
These grades now reflect the "dropped lowest homework grade", and the "dropped lowest quiz grade", but NOT lab attendance.
Please email your TF or me directly if you note any clerical errors.
2/8/2011: The CS department grad students tutoring hours schedule has been posted. These are tutoring hours you may visit in addition to our regular TF hours.
1/31/2010: CS108 Python Debugging Guide
CS108 Python Style Guide
1/4/11: CS108 will begin on Wednesday 1/19. We will meet in PSY B53 at 9:00am.

1/4/10: Check out the newly expanded Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Last update: 17 May 2011