CS108 Fall 2007
This is a working schedule, subject to adjustment as the term evolves.
The schedule has been split, check below for September/October    
Date Topics Readings Lecture Slides Assignment
Tue 06 Nov GUI: simple input/output widgets and events PythonCard webpages GUI.InputOutput  
Thu 08 Nov GUI: selection widgets PythonCard webpages GUI.Selection HW10: GUI Input/Output, and Selection
Fri 09 Nov Lab 10: Input Output and GUI Selection      
Tue 13 Nov QUIZ 5
Introduce Project, discuss requirements
  Project.Intro Project: form project groups, topic due 11/15
Thu 15 Nov GUI: multiple window applications PythonCard webpages GUI.MultipleWindow HW11: Multiple window GUI (due Tuesday 11/20)
Fri 16 Nov Lab 11: GUI Multiple window applications      
Tue 20 Nov System Development Methodology   Project.Analysis Project: analysis, due 11/26
Thu 22 Nov NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)      
Fri 23 Nov NO Lab (Thanksgiving)      
Tue 27 Nov Databases and SQL SQL Tutorial Databases.SQL
Project: design and prototype plan, due 11/29
Thu 29 Nov The Python DB Interface   Python.DBAPI HW12: Databases, due 12/03
Fri 30 Nov Lab: SQL and the Python DB Interface      
Tue 04 Dec QUIZ 6
    Project: draft of GUI and database, due 12/5
Fri 07 Dec Lab exam      
Tue 11 Dec Project Presentations      
Sat 15 Dec FINAL EXAM 9:00 am - 11:00 am @ MCS 148      
Date Topics Readings Lecture Slides Assignment
Tue 04 Sep Intro/Administration
Overview, programming language concepts
1.1-1.8 Introduction Lab 00: set up lab accounts
Thu 06 Sep Names, expressions
Output, assignment
2.1-2.5 SimplePrograms HW01: Input and Output
due 9/10 @ midnight
Fri 07 Sep Lab 01: Getting into Python      
Tue 11 Sep Definite loops
Numeric data, arithmetic
Thu 13 Sep NO CLASS (Rosh Hashana)     HW02: Numeric processing
due 9/18 @ midnight
Fri 14 Sep Lab 02: Numeric Processing      
Tue 18 Sep QUIZ 1
Manipulating text data, string processing
4.1-4.3 Strings  
Thu 20 Sep The Python string library
Character encoding/decoding
4.4-4.5   HW03: String processing
Fri 21 Sep Lab 03: Manipulating text      
Tue 25 Sep Objects and graphics 5.1-5.5 Graphics  
Thu 27 Sep Objects and graphics 5.1-5.5   HW04: Graphics
Fri 28 Sep Lab 04: Graphics      
Tue 02 Oct QUIZ 2
Defining functions
6.1-6.7 Functions  
Thu 04 Oct Decision making
7.1-7.3 Decisions HW05: Functions, decision making
Fri 05 Oct Lab 05: Functions and decision making      
Tue 09 Oct NO CLASS (Monday Schedule)      
Thu 11 Oct Repetition with indefinite loops
Reading/writing files
7.4, 7.5
Repetition HW06: Repetition
Fri 12 Oct Lab 06: Repetition with indefinite loops      
Tue 16 Oct QUIZ 3
Defining classes: why
10.1-10.3 Classes (part 1)  
Thu 18 Oct Defining classes: how 10.4-10.5, 10.7 Classes (part 2) HW07: User defined class
Fri 19 Oct Lab 07: User defined class      
Tue 23 Oct Data collections: lists 11.1-11.3 Lists  
Thu 25 Oct Data collections: dictionaries 11.6. Dictionaries HW08: Data collections
Fri 26 Oct Lab 08: Data collections      
Tue 30 Oct QUIZ 4
Concepts for Graphical User Interface
Wikipedia GUI.Intro  
Thu 01 Nov GUI Programming with Dialogs PythonCard webpages GUI.Dialogs HW09: GUI Dialogs
Fri 02 Nov Lab 09: GUI Input/Output with Dialogs