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CS108: Introduction to Application Programming, Spring 2006
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Assignments and Labs
Week of Lab Details
January 17 Lab 0 Obtain a CS lab account, test your login credentials.
January 24th Lab 1 Introducing Eclipse, creating a project, building code, and using websubmit.
January 31 Lab 2 Understanding and correcting common compiler errors.
February 7 Lab 3 Using objects and calling methods: introduction to the Graphics API.
February 14 Lab 4 Using objects and calling methods: String, Calendar, and SimpleDateFormat classes.
February 21 Lab 5 Using the debugger, flow control
February 28 Lab 6 More debugging with Eclipse: repetition and simulation.
March 14 Lab 7a User defined classes, member data, method calls, etc.
March 21 Lab 7b User defined classes, design.
March 28 Lab 8 Java Collections: Vector and Iterator
April 4 Lab 9 Graphical User Interface (single window)
April 11 Lab 10 Graphical User Interface (multiple windows)
April 18 Lab 11 Databases and JDBC
April 25 Lab Exam Lab/Practical Exam

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Last update: 17 April 2006