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CS108: Introduction to Application Programming, Spring 2006
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Books and Software:

Required: Anderson, Julie, and Herve J. Franceschi: Java 5 Illuminated, 2005.

Handouts and/or web articles will be assigned for materials not covered in the textbook.

Recommended: Horstmann and Cornell: Core Java 2, Volume I – Fundamentals (7th Edition), 2004.

Eckel, Bruce: Thinking in Java, 4th Edition. Prentice Hall, 2005.
Available free on the web at

Eclipse IDE: We will be using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and debugger to write, compile, and test Java code.
How to install Java and Eclipse: Windows MacOS

Java Software: We will be using the Java 1.5.0 Development Kit for our labs and projects.

Java Class Library: The Java API Specification is the MOST IMPORTANT REFERENCE that you will use while programming. It is available at

Java and/or programming links: The ASCII Character Set
A tutorial on character code issues
A brief overview of the IEEE Standard 754 regarding Floating Point Numbers
UNIX manual pages
A great tutorial on Windows Explorer . Get to know your file system!
A discussion of Java packages and JAR files.
A short, entertaining animation about pointers in Java (what I call references in class).

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Last update: 2 September 2006