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Aaron Stevens
Office: PSY 228B (enter at 64 Cummington St., behind Warren Towers).
Office Hours: After class (11am-1pm) and by appointment.
- email: azs@bu.edu. Always include “CS108” in the subject.
- MSN Messenger: azs@aaronstevens.net
- AOL IM: azsteven  [link works in Netscape only -- sorry!]
Class Meetings:
Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 - 11:00 AM
@ CAS 316

Teaching fellow:
Gerald Fry gfry@cs.bu.edu
Office: PSY 226 (enter at 64 Cummington St., behind Warren Towers).
Tutoring hours: Monday & Wednesday, 2-4pm
... and by appointment

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5/10/05: The grading of the final exam and projects is complete. I believe that the exam was challenging in the right ways, differentiating those who had prepared from those who had not.

After 'modifying' Gerald's grading scheme for question 3, and awarding more points for each coding error found in question 4, the results were as I expected: an average grade of 71, with a standard deviation of almost 20 points -- thus a fairly broad distribution, with about 2/3 of you receiving grades between 51 and 91. There was a high of 100 and a low of 44.

The group project grades were generally very good, with an average of almost 86. I will email group project grades to the group leaders.

As expected, the 'change' in grading scheme to award more points to the work on the project and fewer to the work on the exam worked out in virtually everyone's favor. For three students, it would have resulted in a lower numeric score, but the magnitude is too small to negatively affect anyone's grade; on average, it resulted in a 1.52 point increase in your final numeric grades.

4/19/05: Change to grading scheme for the class: as discussed in class today, I will offer you the following choice: either: (A) the final exam will count for 15% of the course grade, the final project will count for 25%, and the individual assignments will count for 9% each (total 45%), or (B) you can "opt-out" and go by the original grading scheme in the syllabus. Your choice; if you want to opt-out, you must indicate so on the final exam on 5/9 @ 2PM.
Final Exam: Here's my list of ideas for the exam. Please email me other suggestions.
4/7/05: Group leaders for final project: please send me an email identifying yourselves.
I will be out of town this weekend, so please use the CourseInfo website discussion board to get help with the IM application.
3/31/05: Groups for final project.
3/31/05: I have mostly recovered from Tuesday's catastrophic computer failure. As a result, I had to recreate Tuesday's class example from my memory. It is posted in the usual location, but if I missed something please advise and I'll correct it.
3/23/05: Tuesday evening's lab was cancelled, so the next lab sequence will be Thursday/Tuesday.
3/21/05: In class this Tuesday, we will recap assignment 3, and I'll hand out an updated schedule for the remainder of the semester.
This week we shift gears into graphical user interface programming. As an introduction, please read Bronson section 9.1 before class on Tuesday.
3/15/05: If you didn't get a copy of the book chapters 7-12 in class today, you can come by my office hours, 1:30pm-3pm today (Tuesday). I'll give some copies to Gerald too.
Examples from today have been posted in the usual locatation.
The new version of eric.Console is available at: http://cs.roosevelt.edu/eric/console.html.
For Thursday, please read Bronson sections 7.2 about Strings and especially table 7.3.
3/1/05: Please come by the CS office (at 111 Cummington St.) after 3 pm Tuesday (until 5pm), or else on Wednesday (9am-5pm) to pick up a packet of readings. For Thursday, please read Bronson sections 8.1 and 8.2 about arrays .
2/24/05: Readings for next week (Tuesday) are Bronson sections 6.4 and 6.5 for loops and do-while loops.
Please atten a lab this week, either Thursday 11-12 or Friday 1-2.
2/22/05: Readings for this week are Bronson sections 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3, introducing repetition and while loops.
We'll discuss assignment 2, this week's labs, and the changing schedule in class.
2/15/05: Note about assignment 2: when you think you're done, review all the requirements to make sure you haven't missed anything.
Readings for Thursday: expressions (section 5.1), if-else statements (section 5.2), nested if-else statements (section 5.3)
2/10/05: Readings for next week: section 4.4 (formatted output), math (section 4.5), expressions (section 5.1) and if-else statements (section 5.2)
2/8/05: In case you missed it, here's the backgrounder on the time value of money.
Readings for Thursday's class: Bronson 2.4 (assignment operations & arithemetic), 3.3 (algorithms). There is also some useful material on formatted output in section 4.4 and more about math in section 4.5, which we will briefly discuss either on Thursday or next week.
2/7/05: Aaron has finally learned how to use NetBeans 4.0. While this is not worthy of an announcement email, it is still a monumental accomplishment. Really.
2/3/05: Guidelines for study groups
You may:
- ask/answer questions about how to use NetBeans
- ask/answer questions about what the assignment is asking for
- ask/answer questions about CodeLab problems
you may not:
- share work on assignments
- copy answers
2/1/05: When you are ready to submit your assignment 1, please go to the following URL: http://azs.bu.edu/websubmit. You will need to log in with your BU ID and password, and then upload your files. I'll show you the tool in class tomorrow so you can see how it works.
1/31/05: How to use the console in NetBeans 4.0. Follow this link.
1/28/05: Readings (for next week) about Standard Input: Bronson 4.1, section entitled "Scanner".
1/27/05: Readings corresponding to discussion of methods: Bronson 2.3, 3.1, 3.2.
1/25/05: Examples from class are now posted here.

Assignment 1: Class Design. Due date: Thursday 3 February 2005 @ Midnight.
Assignment 2: Method Implementation. Due date: Thursday 17 February 2005 @ Midnight.
Assignment 3: Control Structures and Arrays. Due Thursday March 17 @ Midnight.
Assignment 4: Graphical User Interface: Single-Window . Due Thursday March 31 @ Midnight.
Assignment 5: Graphical User Interface: Multiple-Windows. Due Thursday April 14 @ Midnight.
Group Project: Software Development. Due dates every week! .

Lab handouts
Lab 1: Getting to know NetBeans.
Lab 2: Standard Output and Standard Input.
Lab 3: Arithmetic Operations.
Lab 4: Algebra and If Statements. Lab solution is posted here.
Lab 5: Implementing the user interface.
Lab 6: Using loops to do some cool math.
Lab 7: Working with arrays.
Lab 8: Getting to know the NetBeans GUI builder.
Lab 9: Selection components and message boxes.

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