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CS108: Introduction to Application Programming, Fall 2005
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Assignments and Labs
Week of Lab Details
September 6th Lab 0 Obtain a CS lab account, test your login credentials.
September 13th Lab 1 Introducing Eclipse, creating a project, building code, and using websubmit.
September 20th Lab 2 Understanding and correcting common compiler errors.
September 27th Lab 3 Using objects and calling methods: introduction to the Graphics API.
October 4th Lab 4 Using objects and calling methods: String, Calendar, and SimpleDateFormat classes.
October 11th Lab 5 Using the debugger, flow control
October 18th Lab 6 More debugging with Eclipse: repetition and simulation.
October 25th Lab 7 User defined classes, member data, method calls, etc.
November 1st Lab 8 Java Collections: Vector and Iterator
November 8th Lab 9 Graphical User Interface (single window)
November 15th Lab 10 Graphical User Interface (multiple windows)
November 22nd Office Hours Help with HW 10 in the lab.
November 29th Lab 11 Databases and JDBC
December 6th Lab Exam Lab/Practical Exam

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Last update: 29 November 2005