Computers are taken for granted in today's society in industry, academia, and the home and today's user typically has no knowledge of how computers work. But it is precisely this knowledge of how computers work which leads to an appreciation of the capabilities, compromises and limitations of computing. CS101 will address questions including: What is a computer? How does a computer do its work? How is information represented within a digital computer? What is computer programming? What are algorithms, how do we measure their efficiency, and why does this matter? Why does a computer have an operating system, and what does it do? What is the Internet, and how does it work? How do applications like Google and Facebook do their magic?

Catalogue description

The computer is presented as a tool that can assist in solving a broad spectrum of problems. This course provides a general introduction designed to dispel the mystery surrounding computers and introduces the fundamental ideas of programs and algorithms.

Core competencies

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Last update: 7 January 2009