Aaron Stevens: Guitars and Song leading

I started playing guitar when I was twelve years old. My dad bought me my first guitar -- a twelvestring -- for a birthday present. I'll always thank my dad for turning me on to music, and especially for giving me my first guitar.

For me, being a musical performer is not nearly as gratifying as being a songleader (check out my songleading page here. To paraphrase Debbie Friedman, an excellent songleader and an insiration to many in the reform Jewish movement, when you're sonleading, it's not about you; the kids (or the other people) that sing are the stars.

My Guitars

At one point when I was a teenager, I think I had about 15 guitars. Most of the instruments I have now were acquired during that time, including:

  • Guild DV-52 Acoustic dreadnaught (1996)
  • Fender Strat Ultra USA (1993)
  • 1974 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (1974, acquired in 1994)
  • Godin Acousticaster (acoustic telecaster) (1994)
  • Ovation Ultra Deluxe 12-string (1993)
  • A Les Paul that I made in 1991
I have bought two guitars recently:
  • Seagull S6 dreadnaught (2009)
  • Ovation CSD-225 12/6-string double neck (acquired 2010)

Last updated: 4/11/2011
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