Here is a partial list of the projects I have worked on at BU





Dolphin and whale middle ear stiffness measurements: Custom hardware and software we built in the lab

for measuring mechanical properties of cadaver ears. (No marine mammals are hurt or killed for this research.

The ears are collected out of animals that wash up on shore.)








Dolphin ear anatomy 101: This figure shows the middle ear cavity of a harbor porpoise ear. They have the three bone middle ear

 same as terrestrial mammals. The malleus is the “hammer”, the incus is the “anvil” and the stapes is the “stirrup”. The tympanic membrane is the ear drum.









Sonar navigation aid device for visually impaired: This is the second prototype hardware that I helped students build.







This is the printed circuit board inside the sonar navigation box. One of the downsides of PCB design is that in order to make circuit modifications you need to run air wires.