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Publications, Posters, and News


Hayden, A.T., Hess, S., Marchant, D.R., Gopal, S. Models of middle school partnership with Antarctic field geomorphologists. Poster Presentation at International Conference on Teacher-Scientist Partnerships, February 2013.

Marchant, D.R., Mackay, S.L., Lamp, J.L, Hayden, A.T., and Head, J.W. A review of geomorphic processes and landforms in the Dry Valleys of southern Victoria Land: implications for evaluating climate change and ice-sheet stability. Geological Society of London. In press.


Our Amazing Planet. The Secret to Packing for an Antarctic Expedition. Published online February 17, 2012. Interview and article by Katharine Gammon.


Coiling Geometry of Proboscidean Tusks (undergrad thesis)

Hayden, A.T., Fisher, D.C. Coiling Geometry of Proboscidean Tusks. Poster Presentation at Society for Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting, November 2011.